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It was more than seven years ago The office The series finale aired, but thanks to Netflix, the show’s popularity has only grown since then. If you’re one of those Dunder Mifflin followers who can’t get enough of the Scranton crew – even after seeing all nine seasons for the fourth time this year – you can bring some of your favorites with you The office You can take your home with you thanks to these Hot Topic products and collectibles.

1. Schrute Farms T-shirts; $ 18- $ 20

Grab a t-shirt that celebrates Scranton, Pennsylvania other Favorite shop: Schrute Farms Bed & Breakfast. If the Dwight-approved sleek black design isn̵

7;t for you, go for the lighter yellow one. And once you’ve decided on the color, you can top off this beet-scented Schrute Farms air freshener to make the experience truly authentic.

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2. Kevin’s Chili Floating Pen; $ 10

The tragic ballet of Kevin sliding and sliding in a hill of his famous chilli after it hit the bottom of the Dunder Mifflin is one of the standout moments The office. And now you can look at it over and over again with this floating pen – just tilt it to see the pot slip out of Kevin’s hands.

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3. The office Comforter; $ 90

Now you can literally wrap yourself up in testimonials from The office how to binge the show before bed. This 81 cm duvet shows pictures of Pam’s teapot, Michael’s coffee cup, a Schrute goat and the bat that bitten Meredith.

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4. Dwight Schrute Throw Blanket $ 20

If you’re looking for a lighter blanket, this one is modeled on a more memorable prank by Jim (and Pam) on Dwight.

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5. Finer Things Club T-shirt; $ 20

Elevate your taste in literature and cuisine with this t-shirt honoring Dunder Mifflin’s own Finer Things Club. Remember to actually read Angela’s ashes before giving a speech about it.

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6th Note: The Office Edition;; $ 49

In this The office-themed output of NoteYou need to find out who killed Toby Flenderson from a list of suspects including Michael, Angela, Jim, Pam, Andy, Dwight, and Stanley. It plays like a classic Noteexcept that all locations are in the Dunder Mifflin building, with pawns based on jokes from the show.

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7. Michael Scott Paper Company T-shirt; $ 18- $ 20

Michael Scott Paper Company didn’t exactly have the best business plan or operating budget in the few days of its existence, but it still managed to get the most out of Dunder Mifflin in the end. Show your support for Michael’s short-lived paper competitors with this shirt.

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8. Replica Dundie Award; $ 19

Whether you’re giving yourself a Fine Work Award or giving a Don’t Go in There After Me Award to a friend, you can add Scranton charm thanks to this replica Dundie statue. With a height of 20 cm, it is worth a point on every coat.

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