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Course package for screenwriting, film editing and directing

If you’ve ever been curious about learning the basics of screenwriting, governing, cinematography, or editing, you can do so with the tools included in this film and cinematography mastery bundle for sale today.

The Film and Cinematography Mastery Bundle is a three-course package that starts with a comprehensive video production boot camp where you learn recording techniques, editing and even marketing. This boot camp supports the training of a DSLR filmmaker and even a smartphone filmmaker with training based on case studies, in which real film projects as well as their equipment, techniques and distribution of the audience are broken down.

After that you are ready for the next course, Cinematography Master Class: start recording better videos now. This course is led by a Hollywood cameraman who will teach you how to choose the right camera to take better videos, as well as the basics of frame rate, shutter speed, aperture / aperture and lens options. This course also explains how to work with producers, directors, camera teams, grips, and other departments on a film set to get the most professional result.

The package ends with a unique final course: filmmaking: writing, directing and distributing your feature film. Here you get an insight from an experienced screenwriter, director, producer and publisher, how you can get your film on the way. You end the course with bonus materials such as spreadsheets, contracts and other resources to gain insight into the distribution of your feature film.

Get productive today and take a step towards your dreams with this film and cinematography mastery bundle, while it is 95 percent cheaper at just $ 29.

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Film & Cinematography Mastery Bundle: Lifetime Access – $ 29

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