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Could the Dragon of Game of Thrones really fly? We asked some experts

By Lauren Hansen

Since its debut in 1990, Home Alone is as much an integral part of the Christmassy film ritual as . It's a wonderful life . In contrast to this uplifting story about the well-being of humanity, Home Alone tells a rather disturbing Christmas story of a precocious 8-year-old who, having been accidentally abandoned by his family, must defend his home to two frail burglars.

Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) transforms his family's home into a veritable funhouse of tantalizing booby-traps, causing the so-called Wet Bandits Marv (Daniel Stern) and Harry (Joe Pesci) to stumble amusingly, and the transformation from a suburb of Chicago Nothing is less than spectacular in a relentless injury machine. But it requires a certain suspension of unbelief. Can a man really be hit in the face with a steam iron and run away unimpressed? What kind of permanent physical damage would a blowtorch do on the head? To answer these questions and officially solve the Hollywood magic of Home Alone I talked to my friend dr. Ryan St. Clair of Weill Cornell Medical College. Have fun.


The Lineup: Marv and Harry try to sneak into the McCallister house by talking to Kevin from the back door. Meanwhile, Kevin straightens his BB rifle through the doggie door and onto Harry's groin ̵

1; and shoots. When Marv examines the cause of Harry's pain, he is struck by the same BB weapon that is fired from an extreme distance on his forehead.

The Doctor's Diagnosis: "Classical, air-powered bullet guns typically have muzzle speeds of 350 feet per second or less, a BB fired from close up such a weapon could break the skin, but Do not pierce the skull and it is unlikely to penetrate Harry's scrotum, especially through tissue. "


The set-up: Marv is thwarted by the BB rifle at the back door and runs to the basement stairwell that Kevin has deliberately iced up. After plunging into the dark cellar, Marv reaches for what he thinks is the light bulb string. It's actually a rope attached to a steam iron that rests on the laundry shaft door. The heavy iron falls down and pushes Marv in the face.

The Doctor's Diagnosis: "We estimate the distance from the first floor to the basement to be 15 feet and assume that the steam iron weighs 4 pounds and note that the iron Marv is directly in the middle This is a serious impact with enough force to break the bones surrounding the eyes, which is also called a "blowout break", and can lead to severe disfigurement when it is not properly repaired. "


The Setup: While Marv puts an iron on his face, Harry tries to go inside the house through the front door. The first attempt does not go well when the burly burglar slips on the icy steps and falls to the ground and lands with a thump on his back. Harry gets hold of the railing a second time and makes it to the front door, reaches for the door knob, which literally burns red, and reaches for the burning handle, whose pain again pushes him through the ice

The Diagnosis of the Doctor: "When this door knob glows red in the dark, it is heated to about 751 degrees Fahrenheit, and Harry gives it a nice, strong 1: 2 – second grip: for comparison: one second contact with 155 degrees Water is enough for third degree burns – the temperature of this doorknob is not high enough to set Harry's hand on fire, but it's not so far away – assuming Harry does not lose his hand completely, he'll most likely have other serious complications, including a high risk of infection and a "contracture" in which the resulting scar tissue severely restricts the flexibility and movement of the hand it becomes less 100 percent useful, that has Kevin In my opinion, he's from the & # 39; defending his house & # 39; transformed into sheer evilness.


The Setup: Harry can not come in through the front door, Harry returns, kicking his foot through the Doggy Door to find a potential BB To defuse the weapon, gently tap the doorknob to test the temperature and, when it is cool, open the back door just to unknowingly press a blowtorch that shoots at its tip.

Diagnosis of Doctor: "Harry has an interesting reaction to the fact that a burning blowtorch is aimed directly at his scalp. Instead of liberating himself from the danger, he keeps the skull directly in line. This was probably a simple second-stage burn, which probably leads to necrosis of the calavarium (cranial bones). "This means that the skin and bone tissue on Harry's skull is so damaged and rotted that his skull essentially dies and a transplant is likely to be required.


The Set-Up: After surviving the iron on the face, pulling off shoes and socks from the tar and stepping on a 3-inch nail, Marv leaves the basement entrance and enters the house through a comfortably opened window, but without looking down and always still barefoot, Marv jumps in and puts all his weight on a dozen pointed ornaments scattered on the wooden floor.

The Medical Diagnosis: "Walking on ornaments seems quite insignificant in comparison to anything we have seen so far. If I were Marv, I would be more concerned about my facial fractures.


The Lineup: Although The two burglars are badly injured and are finally in the house They have forgotten their plunder plan for revenge They heard the mocking of Kevin's pubescent Voice and scurried into the foyer to land on Micro machines, which in turn landed on their backs, Kevin cruelly mocking them from the top step, "You've given up yet? Or are you longing for more? "Marv and Harry crawl up the stairs, where they are hit by a fast paint can on a rope, Harry manages to duck and dodge the first hit, but Marv gets a paint box on his face goes up the stairs but is hit by a second paint can Both burglars end up on the ground floor again

The Doctor's Diagnosis: "Suppose the paint can is full (about 10 pounds) and the rope is 10 feet long, Marv and Harry each take a rough position at 2 kilo Newton's slap in the face, which is light enough to break several facial bones and is likely to hit you cold, and I would not expect any of that Wet bandits with all their wounds away from teeth.


The Set-Up: Kevin finally lures the wet bandits across his house of hurting horrors across the street and into a neighbor's house, but Marv and Harry have hinting that little tyke is just causing them pain, they enter the neighbor's house in their own right and meet little Kevin on top of the basement stairs, hanging him by his sweater on a hook at the back of a door, outlining all the possibilities how to repay him for the pain he caused, starting with the "biting" of each one of those little fingers, one at a time. "Just before Harry can take the first bite, Kevin's older neighbor saves the day. He comes behind the burglars and hits everyone with his shovel over his head. He hits her cold.

The Doctor's Diagnosis: "Seriously, at this point, both Marv and Harry have both sustained potentially hurtful hand and foot injuries, Harry proved to be nearly insensitive to burns, and both managed to gain consciousness After shooting a flying paint can directly into the face, a senior man appears and punches her off with a faint aluminum home depot snow shovel, and somehow that's too much for her, and they collapse, this movie was eight years old much credible. "


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