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Common misconceptions about flying floss

Finding the perfect coffee maker can be a challenge at times. Many models use either environmentally harmful pods or complex parts that could wear out over time. Pure Over, available from Kickstarter, introduced a simple, fast, and eco-friendly coffee maker made entirely of glass.

Unlike most other coffee options, the Pure Over only needs two things: ground coffee and water. Everything else is part of the Pure Over package, including the water diffuser, dropper (complete with built-in glass filter), and stirrer, all of which are made from borosilicate glass. There is also a ceramic base at the bottom and an optional glass mug that the Pure Over freshly brewed coffee can drip directly into (but it can also be placed on top of any old mug). All of this leads to less plastic waste and fewer accessories.

Etai Rahmil, the Portland, Oregon-based glass artist who founded Pure Over, wanted not only to create a simple coffee maker that would also help the environment, but also to promote educational resources in the art of glass. To this end, a portion of the proceeds from Pure Over will be donated to The Crucible, a nonprofit industrial arts school in Oakland, California to help young people learn topics such as glass blowing.

The Pure Over has exceeded its fundraising goal of US $ 1

0,000 with nearly 2000 supporters 13 times, but you can still contribute to this project with the various levels of support. If all you want is a Pure Over, you can contribute $ 40, while with a promise of $ 55, you get the mug too. You can support Pure Over here until September 30th, and the company hopes to deliver to Kickstarter backers by December 2020.

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