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Comfortable pillows for your bed, your couch or your love seat

PERFECT BACK BACK CUSHION: Bigger and better than the others! The HUSBAND PILLOW is much more than just an ordinary back cushion. It serves as a sturdy and fully formed backrest that supports the entire upper body like no other pillow. Just look at these generous dimensions! The original version = US Pat. D875,432, ULTIMATE BED BACKREST: You will feel comfortable with this first-class support pillow, which is filled with high quality, shredded memory foam and has a smooth microplush cover of the highest quality. The husband pillow provides the perfect back support in bed for sleeping, resting, lounging, reading and bed rest roll pillow on bungee and a built-in side pocket for your remote control, your phone etc. as well as an additional back pocket for your glasses, a book or a magazine, the neck roll or removable covers or anything else you want close at hand in the bed, VERSATILE AND PORTABLE: With “adjustable attic”. The zipper on the inner shell allows you to add or remove foam for custom comfort, or move the foam in specific areas for support exactly where you want it. We can even provide extra foam if more “oomph”

; is needed. In addition, the husband’s pillow with its practical integrated handle at the top is easy to take anywhere. It also makes your hotel stay more comfortable if you have a comfortable back pillow to watch TV.

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