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Come and write for Cracked, all! It pays off!

If you are confused about the difference between a feature article and a column and are not sure which one to send by email, just try one of them. If it's wrong, someone will say, "Hey, you should email the others instead." If you do not get an answer right away, please do not start shouting at us.


And now a thanksgiving note:

Hello, I'm Jason, and it was my turn to write the Thanksgiving post "Write for Us" this year. How are you?

As you know, literally every country on earth today celebrates the fact that America's early European settlements did not end in mass hunger and cannibalism. We eat turkey with its terribly dry flesh to remind us of the hardships of our ancestors while watching professional football and parades ̵

1; the most hateful and bleak spectacles. Only by tasting the suffering of our ancestors can we honor their sacrifices.

I'm assuming that anyone who clicked on this article and looked for freelance work has already clicked on it to send an email or publish a few things, and anyone who does it is still Keeping it open on her cell phone as if reading something while avoiding conversations with her extended family. Since I'm basically talking aloud to myself, let me be straightforward for a moment.

Did you know that Daniel "DOB" O & # 39; Brien, formerly of Cracked Fame, won an Emmy for a few months? in front?

  Come and write for Cracked, Everybody! It pays off!

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