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Cinetrii Crowdsources reviews movie reviews to make recommendations

Back in April, Dictionary.com updated its dictionary with a number of terms that appeared to have appeared overnight, including COVID-19, novel coronavirus, and even Rona. As proof of how quickly the language is evolving, the online dictionary has added 650 more.

Although the terms are not all as new as RonaThey are all so prevalent lately that they can justify their own dictionary entries. Nor do they all have to do with public health crises. New slang includes Amirite, a truncated version of I’m right?;; and zhuzh, a verb that means “to make something livelier and more interesting, stylish or engaging, such as by a small change or addition”

; (it can also be used as a noun).

There are a handful of phrases that describe pets used for ministry or therapy –Surrogate, Comfort animal, and emotional support animalamong other things – and a couple who help capture the sometimes bizarre landscape of modern parenting. Sharent, a portmanteau of share and parentrefers to the recording of your child’s (or a parent’s) life on social media; and extravagant methods of making the sex of an unborn child public have become so common that Reveal gender is a recognized term in the dictionary. Some terms deal with racist behavior –Whitesplain and brown facefor example – while others reflect on how certain colored people describe their specific ethnicities; Afro-Latina, Afro-Latino, and Afro-Latinx Everyone has an entry, just like Pinay, Pinoy, and Pinxy.

In addition to the new entries, Dictionary.com added 2,100 new definitions to existing entries and revised an additional 11,000 existing definitions. This makes Dictionary.com the biggest update to the site of all time. black in relation to ethnicity is now a separate entry from color blackand lexicographers have also combed the dictionary for capital black wherever it appears in other entries. You have also replaced homosexuality– now often viewed as an outdated clinical term with a negative connotation – with Gayness in other entries and addicted With a person addicted to or a common user of. In short, people are constantly making the language more inclusive and sensitive, and Dictionary.com is working to reflect those changes in the dictionary.

Check out 50 of Dictionary.com’s new words and phrases below and learn more about the updates here.

  1. From
  1. Afro-Latina
  1. Afro-Latino
  1. Afro-Latinx
  1. Agile development
  1. Amirite
  1. Surrogate
  1. Battle Royale
  1. Bombogenesis
  1. Brownface
  1. Cap and trade
  1. Comfort animal
  1. Community management
  1. Companion animal
  1. Conservation dependent
  1. State of preservation
  1. Contouring
  1. Critically endangered
  1. DGAF
  1. Mahn-Krüger effect
  1. Environmental fear
  1. Emissions trading
  1. Emotion work
  1. Emotional support animal
  1. Empty suit
  1. Extinct in the wild
  1. Filipinx
  1. Filipina
  1. Reveal gender
  1. GOAT
  1. Hodophobia
  1. Information bubble
  1. Ish
  1. Jabroni
  1. Janky
  1. Me too
  1. Natural language processing
  1. Non-citizens
  1. Off-grid
  1. Pinay
  1. Pinoy
  1. Pinxy
  1. relationship
  1. Sharent
  1. Swole
  1. Techlash
  1. Therapy animal
  1. Whitesplain
  1. World building
  1. Zhuzh

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