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Christmas Gifts for House Cooks

Everyone knows someone who loves to cook, but he can not prove his ability if he does not have the right harness. So, if there's someone in your life who's always ready to offer you home-cooked food that tops every restaurant, the holidays are the perfect time to show your gratitude. Get a gift this year that will make your time in the kitchen even more enjoyable.

. 1 Instant Pot Duo Mini; $ 60

Amateur cooks do not need many mouths to feed or counter to justify owning an instant pot. This version of the electric pressure cooker offers all the features of the original – including fast settings for rice, soups, yoghurt and stew ̵

1; on a smaller, home-friendly surface. As the colder weather approaches, an instant pot should be a staple in every kitchen.

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2. Le Creuset heart shaped casserole dish; $ 199

Le Creuset is known for producing enamelled cast iron cookware that is durable and functional. It is also very nice to look at and this heart shaped casserole is no exception. Even if the chef has a collection of cookware in your life, this two-liter meal is perfect for special occasions.

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3. Vegetarian spices; $ 30

When it comes to special spice blends, meat is usually valued wholeheartedly, but vegetables can also benefit from the right blend of herbs and spices. The cooking set for vegetarians can help anyone who wants to upgrade their products from simple side dishes to unforgettable main courses. The kit contains six flavor packs, including coconut curry, brown maple sugar and Mexican street corn. And for even more culinary inspiration, a booklet with plant-based recipes is included.

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4. Garlic roasters of cast iron; $ 25

Roasted garlic mixes well with spices, crushed into potatoes, or simply spread on a slice of bread. The only downside is that converting a raw clove of garlic into a soft, caramelized taste bomb takes some time and patience. This process is as easy as possible with this cast-iron roaster by Amazon. Vents let the aroma of garlic penetrate your home during cooking, and with a silicone accessory you can squeeze the garlic out of the bowl as it comes out of the oven fresh without burning your fingers.

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5. Thai chef's knife; $ 70- $ 80

A good chef's knife is one of the most important tools a home chef should have in his kitchen. This gift contains two parts: a general-purpose cleaver and a slender, lighter blade for more precise cuts. Both knives are forged from stainless steel and handmade by artisans in Thailand.

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6. JAWZ mixer; $ 299

Whether gourmets prefer smoothies or cocktails at home in their lives, they benefit from a powerful blender in the kitchen. The JAWZ mixer has 10 speed levels and is perfect for pulverizing berries and leafy vegetables to ice cubes and nuts.

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7. Star Wars Death Star cutting board; $ 13

Give any kitchen an extraordinary charm with this chopping board shaped like the Death Star from the original Star Wars . With its strong, heat-resistant glass surface, this cutting board is great for those who share their passions equally between cooking and threatening Imperial super-weapons.

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8. Altifarm; $ 359

Anyone who enjoys cooking at home knows how important it is to use fresh herbs and products for their food, and there is hardly anything fresher than the bounty offered by Altifarm. The built-in LED lights of the system promote plant growth without direct sunlight. Thanks to their modular design, you can easily set up your garden just a few steps from the stove. It works with a variety of plant seeds, including basil, tomatoes and microgreens. In addition, it is self-watering, so you only have to fill it once a week and have the garden do the rest. It does not take a green thumb to reap these rewards.

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9. Spoon rest; $ 7

It's inevitable to cause a bit of chaos while cooking, but there are little things that cooks can do to keep this mess under control. One of these is the use of a spoon bin: Instead of placing a dirty spoon on a clean countertop or leaning it unsteadily against a pot, cooks can place it in the designated place. Kitchen surfaces stay clean and when it comes to stirring or tasting something, the tool is within reach. This acacia wood storage by Kamenstein is not only useful – it also looks good next to the stove.

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10. Air Fryer; $ 57

Deep-fried food is messy and high-fat. Unfortunately, for anyone who deals with these two points, it really tastes good . With an air fryer you can achieve the delicious frying texture without the drawbacks. This Dash model uses air instead of oil to make the food hot and crispy. It is also compact and therefore the perfect complement to any kitchen size.

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11. Cooking temperature magnetic; $ 7

When dealing with raw meat, it is best to manually determine the correct cooking temperature for a particular product. A magnetic temperature chart stores this information in a convenient location. It sticks to the fridge. So if a houseman wants to know the best indoor temperature for lamb chops or a whole chicken, all he has to do is take a look.

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