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Check your basement! 5 rediscovered works of art worth millions

A small, slightly damaged oil painting sold for $ 500 to $ 800 at an auction was sold by the million in after experts realized that it was indeed a long-lost painting of Rembrandt [19459004handelte]. A painting that languishes in a basement of New Jersey before it was declared as one of Rembrandt's earliest works, The Unconscious Patient (An Allegory of the Sense of Smell) shows two men holding a rag under the nose of a third Man waving who passes out The work belongs to The Senses a series of five oil paintings, which was completed around 1945. 1624 or 1625 by Rembrandt, representation of the five senses. The whereabouts of a person who represents the sense of taste is still unknown.

Joh Nye, owner of the Nye and Co auction house in Bloomfield, New Jersey, who was contacted by members of the New Jersey family, described her as "remarkably inconspicuous." "It looked like a dark, discolored portrait of three people, one of whom is fainting ", he said. However, after three weeks of work on the auction house wall and in its online catalog, it was discovered by art lovers with keen eyes from three different European countries, and the restoration of the play confirmed that it was indeed a work by the youthful Rembrandt.

Selected Image: Rembrandt van Rijn ̵

1; The Unconscious Patient (1624). Oil on panel, 31,7 x 25,4 cm. Image via Wikimedia Commons.

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