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Check out this crazy nightclub from the 1890s

When you hear the word "nightclub," what are you thinking about right now? "Crowded?" "According to?" An apology for not hanging out with the person who just suggested it? Sure, many nightclubs look like Google image results for "standard hip club," but that was not always the case in the story. In the late 1890s, some French nightclubs picked up topics more in keeping with John Milton than Lil Jon.

via io9 Paradise Lost … his dignity.

A series of "Heaven" and "Hell" -themed clubs emerged in turn-of-the-century Paris. Named Cabaret du Neant (Cabaret of Nothingness), these clubs serve drinks named after illnesses, coffins where guests can prepare their drinks, and various funerary and skeletal spaces. In another club called Cabaret de l 'Enfer (The Cabaret of the Inferno), visitors were accused by the devil while the space around them simulated the interior of a volcano.

via io9 Congrats, you're all now B-list X-Men villains.

Next to Cabaret de l'Enfer was Cabaret du Ciel ("The Cabaret of Heaven"), a Heaven-themed club where women dressed in white robes with angel wings I would order drinks while a man who when St. Peter was dressed, the crowd of high above the ground "blessed".

Well, the next time you get bored and knock down your phone on an endless nightclub bathroom line Years ago you might have been fried in a Satan make-up by a French guy. Today, you need to visit the world's shabbiest hostel to regain this experience.

Do you know what's just as fun as a hellish nightclub? Read Dante's Inferno or Il Paradiso

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