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How to produce music like: Kaytranada

Kaytranada's career was already a success before his first record came on the market. Because he has been touring for years and played fascinating DJ sets, presented his best remixes and kept the dance floor moving all night long. But Kaytranada's dream has never been to become a popular DJ. The producers he admired were adventurous crossers, whose catalog contained …

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How to produce music like: El-P

El-P has a long career as a rapper and producer, thriving as one half of Run the Jewels. Depending on where you look on the El-Ps discography timeline, you may hear something from dusty vinyl samples and hacked drum breaks to trap beats and futuristic synth leads. What you'll never hear is a simple, boring, predictable loop – because in …

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The simple iPhone cursor hack that makes SMS easier

Your iPhone is a handy little computer, but there is one feature that has always been annoying. Unlike a computer and a mouse, you can not simply click on the screen to move the cursor. Or at least we did not think you could do that. That's why this tweet from Atlanta-based food blogger Krissy Brierre-Davis of Krissy's Kitchen tore …

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The new Halloween should have a much darker ending

Since Avengers: Infinity War hit the screens earlier this year, and with Thanos' deadly snapshot our hearts broke, Marvel fans have speculated on how our all-powerful heroes (and which) for the next will be film in the series. While the audience does not yet know which characters from the last film will make it to Avengers 4 we would assume …

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Freaking Out About Your Turkey? Ask Alexa for Help

Every November and December, the experts at Butterball's Turkey Talk-Line field of calls from home cooks trying to avoid turkey-related kitchen disasters. They coach callers (and writers, Facebook messengers, and instagrammers) on all aspects of turkey prep, from how to thaw a giant bird to what the temperature should be turkey is in the microwave. This year, you do not …

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