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Albert Einstein's Stolen Brain – KnowledgeNuts

In a nutshell Thomas Harvey, the pathologist active at the time of Albert Einstein's death, stole Einstein's brain and later promised to share it with the scientific community only for the purpose of scientific study. Harvey stole the brain despite Einstein's desire to be cremated and was fired from Princeton Hospital for refusing to return it. In the following years, …

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Whales came in from the sea and then back to the sea

In a Nutshell The fossil record clearly shows a lineage from a dog-like, bottom-feeding creature named Pakicetus to surviving animals such as Ambulocetus and Rodhocetus, which exhibited some water adaptations but still managed to land efficiently and then become full of aquatic animals such as Basilosaurus and Dorudon, who were completely separated from the land. This amazing evolutionary journey shows …

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Does water really carry electricity?

In a nutshell Is water a good electrical conductor? Most of us would say yes, but the answer is not that easy. Being in contact with electricity is not a good idea, but the truth is that this is not due to the water, but more to what it is. Pure water is actually an insulator, but when we add …

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Spacing between written words was invented by Irish monks

In a Nutshell Nowadays, it is customary to use a space when writing to distinguish one word from the other. You probably think – "Well, how else could I read it?" But hundreds of years ago, you would normally find many languages ​​that use words that are put together in a long sequence. A few would use interpuncts, but most …

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The Secret Life of Walt Disney as FBI Informant

In a Nutshell Everyone knows Walt Disney, and if you do not, you'll probably know some of the Disney movies. Just as Robin Hood, The Lion King and Alice in Wonderland shone – and continue to do so – screens around the world. Did you ever think that the American entrepreneur is ridiculous with the FBI? Well, according to old …

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The Curse of Busby's Stoop Chair

In a nutshell Many, many moons in June 1702, an innocent man was killed with a hammer. This man was the father of a beautiful young girl admired by Thomas Busby, a man who enjoyed alcohol a little too much. Finally, Busby was tried and found guilty of murder. He was hung on the neck next to the inn where …

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