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50 Landscape Wallpaper free download for your desktop

It's time to change the mood as you work at your desk, open your computer or laptop, or come home exhausted after a hectic day's work. Well, after you open your PC or laptop, when you see something refreshing, inspiring what your wish is, or the place you always want to travel. Guess what! Today I'm giving away 50 landscape …

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The man who saved 34 lives from the rubble of the Rana Plaza

In a nutshell When it comes to tragedies and mass lives are at stake, there is often a fine line between saving yourself and other people. But a man in Bangladesh completely ignored his own safety to save 34 people from the rubble of the collapsed Rana Plaza. With the risk that the building would fall even further, the man …

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The Great Guatemalan Sinkhole – KnowledgeNuts

In a nutshell Mother Nature is always unpredictable and, in some parts of the world, extremely unforgiving. Some places in this world experience terrible hurricanes or catastrophic earthquakes, while others experience extensive droughts or devastating tsunamis. But if you happen to be in Guatemala in 2010, you would be witness to something bizarre – a direct tunnel to the core …

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