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Cam’ron is an entrepreneurial Nostradamus

Rapper Cam & # 39; Ron has been far ahead of the curve for years. In 2002, the hip-hop community questioned his masculinity because he had the bile, the damn balls, to wear pink.

Fast forward to 2020. Doom Eternal a video game that is so openly male that it is. The disc might as well have pubic hair and has an alternative Doom Slayer skin that resembles its dreary, forest-green armor gives a white and neon pink unicorn makeover. The Miami Heat recently launched a beautiful neon pink jersey. Millennials have an official Pantone color that is named after us and is called Millennial Pink. Cam & # 39; Ron predicted and maybe even started a color revolution. But forecasting skills didn't start and end there. The guy has positioned himself as a pandemic entrepreneur for years.

As the rest of the world slowly took on the color that Cam & # 39; Ron knew we'd all fall in love with over time, he started redeeming the virus pandemic exactly as we see it all, from small Etsy shops to Disney. Years before you could be protected by putting a baby Yoda face on your face to protect yourself from Covid-1

9, Cam & Ron protected people from Ebola by selling face masks that featured the famous picture of himself was pictured in pink with a pink flip phone ear.

  Cam & # 39; ron is an entrepreneurial Nostradamus Cam & # 39; Ron / Instagram

When the virus was spreading around the world, everyone assumed that the virus pandemic would make them shit so hard that they & # 39; I will fly through the room like a loose balloon and therefore need enough toilet paper to make a sequoia to TP. Cam & # 39; Ron understood that toilet paper wasn't a luxury item; it was a necessity. People always have to wipe their asses. So he did his due diligence.

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