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‘Caddyshack’: things to look out for next time

Jason Statham is one of the greatest action heroes of a generation – some would say he is our last action hero. On the screen, he was a killer, a transporter, a cheater, a veteran, and a host of other unsavory, but strangely endearing, tough guys. However, before entering his first film set, Statham had a past life that could compete with the colorful characters he had brought to the screen. We examine what makes this English Bruiser tick with these 10 fascinating facts about Jason Statham.

1. Diving was Jason Statham’s first calling.

Before becoming a tough guy on the canvas, Jason Statham exuded grace and fluidity as one of the world’s top competitive divers in the early 1990s. He spent 12 years as part of the British National Diving Squad, highlighted by participating in the 1990 Commonwealth Games in Auckland, New Zealand.

Although he was an elite diver, Statham never qualified for the Olympics, which he admits is still a “sore point” for him. “I started too late,” he said of his diving career. “It was probably not my thing. I should have done another sport.”

2. Jason Statham tried modeling.

After his diving career, Statham entered the world of modeling for the French Connection fashion company. If his robust image was not suitable for the world of male modeling, that was exactly what the company wanted.

“We chose Jason because we wanted our model to look like a normal guy,” Lilly Anderson, spokeswoman for French Connection, said in an interview in 1995 Independently. “His look is just right at the moment – very masculine and not too masculine.”

3. Jason Statham danced half naked in a couple of music videos.

A word of warning: the Internet never forgets. In 2015, two music videos from the 90s went viral – “Comin ‘On” by The Shamen and “Run to the Sun” by Erasure – not because the songs were just so good. That’s because both videos showed a half-naked and rather oily Jason Statham dancing curiously in the background.

Both make generous use of Statham’s lack of modesty, which is far from the fancy suits and command gear in which we would later see him sporty The transporter and Consumables Series. Which is your favorite? Speedo Statham with leopard print from “Comin ‘On” or his silver surfer look from “Run to the Sun”? And no, “both” is not an option. (Although “neither” is acceptable.)

4. Jason Statham sold fake jewelry and perfume on the street before Guy Ritchie threw it in Castle, warehouse and two smoking barrels.

After years of high dives, modeling and pelvic fluctuations, Statham still wanted to make a living in the late 1990s. His next odd job? Sales of perfume and jewelry on London street corners. Fortunately, this type of real hoodlum was exactly what director Guy Ritchie needed for the 1998s Castle, warehouse and two smoking barrels.

Ritchie was introduced to Statham through his model gig at French Connection and recognized the potential this real con artist had for the film. He wrote the role of Bacon specifically for Statham, which should eventually be the film that brought him to Hollywood’s fame.

5. John Carpenter wanted to cast Jason Statham as the main actor Spirits of Mars.

Although Statham received recognition for his role in Castle, warehouse and two smoking barrelsHe was not a leading man yet. Director John Carpenter wanted to change that by calling him the main character in James “Desolation” Williams Spirits of Mars.

While Carpenter was convinced that Statham was ready for the role, the producers weren’t. They urged the director to fill someone with more names and eventually decided on Ice Cube. Statham remained in the film in a smaller role than Sgt. Jericho Butler.

6. Jason Statham does his own stunts regularly.

Statham is not only in perfect condition, but also proud to do many of his own stunts in his films, from hand-to-hand to dangling on a helicopter 3000 feet above downtown Los Angeles. In fact, he’s almost dogmatic in his belief that actors should do their own stunts.

“I’m inspired by the people who could do their own work,” said the actor. “Bruce Lee never had stunt doubles and fight doubles or Jackie Chan or Jet Li. I was in action films where there is a facial replacement and I struggle with a double and it is embarrassing. “

The worst offenders? Superhero films. And Statham is not afraid to share his thoughts about it:

“You put on a cloak and put on your pantyhose and become a superhero? They don’t do anything! They just sit in their caravan. It’s absolutely 100 percent created by stunt doubles and green screen. How can I be excited about that?”

7. Filming Consumables 3 almost killed Jason Statham.

For all the authenticity that Statham likes to bring to the screen with his own stunts, things sometimes don’t go according to plan. While filming an action scene for Consumables 3The brakes of a three-ton stunt truck Statham drove failed and sent him off a cliff into the Black Sea.

If you’ve ever wondered if the real Statham is something like the movie version, his underwater escape from a mammoth truck should answer.

“It’s the best thing I’ve ever seen drowning,” Statham said today. “I dived a lot. I’ve done a lot of freediving … No matter how much you’ve done, it doesn’t teach you to breathe underwater … I was very close to drowning. It was a very harrowing experience. “

8. Jason Statham practices a number of martial arts.

Statham’s fitness routine is about more than weights and core work. The actor is also active in various combat disciplines such as boxing, judo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Of everything he does to stay in shape, it was the martial arts that were most helpful for Statham’s presence on the screen. “This is what I have to give most of the time these days: training for what I have to do to take action in an authentic way,” he said Men’s health.

Statham is not alone in his passion for martial arts; Director Guy Ritchie is also a black belt in jiu-jitsu and a brown belt in karate. When Men’s health Statham asked if the two would ever compete. He replied: “I remember when we started we did a press tour for Castle, warehouse… And we would put all the furniture in the hotel room out of the way and try to suffocate each other. “

What are employees for?

9. Jason Statham is aware that some of his films were Duds.

Upon request from esquire If he ever saw one of his films during the premiere and thought “Oh, no …”, his answer was very confident: “Yes, I think I said that more often than not. Yes.”

He went on rattling his Guy Ritchie films, Bank job, Transporter 1 and 2nd (Not 3rd), and crank as one of his favorite films. As for the others, the actor joked: “And the rest is shit.”

He explained this remark as a joke and said, “I mean, you make a lot of films. You always strive for something and try to push yourself to do something good. “

Then he compared his work to the inside of a watch and said, “A movie, it’s like a very complicated watch. There are many wheels in a watch. And some of these wheels, if they don’t turn right, the watch won’t show the time. “

10. Jason Statham’s films have earned more than $ 5 billion worldwide.

Statham’s films may have a hard time impressing critics, but audiences and studio managers can’t get enough. In total, Statham’s filmography has grossed more than $ 5 billion worldwide.

Much of it is due to his younger entry into the Fast and Furious Franchise, but he also had seven films outside the $ 100 million mark worldwide outside of this series. This is not an accident; Statham knows exactly what type of film is holding the light, as he explained in an interview with The guard.

“So if you have a story about a depressed doctor whose estranged wife no longer wants to be with him and you get me to do that, people won’t put any money on the table. If, on the other hand, you say, “All he does is get in the car, hit someone in the head, shoot someone in the fucking feet,” they’ll give you $ 20 million. You can’t blame these people if they want to make money. “

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