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Buy your own Replica Dundie Award at ‘The Office’

One of the best cartoons ever came to save summer 2020. Avatar: The last airbenderThe arrival on Netflix could not have come at a better time, and a lot of old fans (now in their thirties) and new (all other age groups) indulge in the epic journey of Aang (Zach Tyler), Katara (Mae) Whitman), Sokka (Jack De Sena) and Toph (Michaela Jill Murphy) to defeat the fire lord.

The animation series, created by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko for Nickelodeon, which recorded the adventures of the born-again master with the ability to move air, water, fire and earth psychologically to bring the world into balance, originally ran out of the year 2005 The action show for mature children, which is filled with a variety of Asian struggles, designs and philosophical influences, challenged preconceived ideas (and fate itself) with intelligence, empathy and beauty. And its resurgent popularity proves its young status as a classic.

. Bending is based on real martial arts styles.

Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino, the creators of the show, consulted northern Shaolin master Sifu Kisu to develop different styles that correspond to the four main elements of the series: Tai Chi for water, Hung Gar for earth, North Shaolin for fire , and Bagua for air. The styles are tonal matches for the elements. For example, Tai Chi is smooth and controlled, while Northern Shaolin is aggressive and dynamic.

2nd Avatar: The last airbender exists because of a documentary about Ernest Shackleton.

Sir Ernest Shackleton was an early 20th century explorer who led many expeditions, the most famous of which was a trip to the South Pole aboard a ship called endurance. The trip went dangerously wrong, but Shackleton could bring everyone back to life. DeMartino was watching a documentary about Shackleton at about the same time that Konietzko had scribbled a funny drawing about a bald child with an arrow on his forehead. These two elements merged and became the beginning of Aang’s journey.

3. There is a simple reason Avatar: The last airbender included heavy issues like genocide and imperialism.

When you think of children’s shows, you usually don’t think about genocide, which is why most people are amazed Avatar: The last airbender was able to explore such dark material alongside all the sokkasm and appa belching. Konietzko, however, has a simple explanation. “Children are deeper than many people, and companies in particular give them recognition,” he told The Mary Sue.

4. Bryan Konietzko was very beaten up Avatar: The last airbender.

The team created reference videos to anchor the animation in real combat, typically with three video sessions per episode. Sifu Kisu usually portrayed one fighter in the scene, and Konietzko (who was also one of Sifu Kisu’s students) portrayed the other. That meant a lot of time to be pulled by the thumbs or tossed onto a practice mat by a world-class master. Great art requires sacrifice.

5. The voice of Azula continues Avatar: The last airbender got the job for not shouting at the audition.

The team was looking for a famous actress to pronounce the vicious royal fire nation, but couldn’t find the right fit, so Gray Griffin had the opportunity to audition. When she did that, she stood out by avoiding screaming lines that should clearly be shouted by a character with an explosive temper. “I was very reserved and calm because I felt Azula was so powerful that she didn’t have to yell at anyone,” Griffin told Syfy.

6. Avatar: The last airbenderCommander Zhao was inspired by the actor who would eventually pronounce him.

Zhao is the vicious big evil for Season 1 – a zealot ready to destroy the moon to weaken the water tribes. When writing his character, the team took inspiration from Jason Isaac’s portrayal of Colonel Tavington The Patriot. DiMartino asked casting director Maryanne Dacey to find someone like Isaacs. “A few days later she got the right deal,” said DiMartino.

7. Avatar: The last airbender‘s fire lord Ozai is Luke Skywalker

Mark Hamill is famous for playing this scruffy nerf shepherd who loses his hand in a laser sword fight with his (spoiler alert!) Father, and for creating an indelible career as a speaker characterized by disappearing in roles is. The ultimate villain from Avatar: The last airbender is on this list, so you may only see a hint of the Joker’s voice Batman: The cartoon series when Ozai Zuko scolds. When Hamill originally got the script, he thought the show would not last because it was too intelligent.

8th. Avatar: The last airbenderThe creepiest bending technique had a silly nickname.

Blood bending! It is terrible! As a more disgraceful version of water bending, blood bending has some creepy effects. We’ll see how scary it gets if Katara accidentally learns it from Hama. It is sometimes referred to as the “Puppetmaster Technique” in the show’s universe, but the production team called it a “Stop Hitting Yourself Technique” joke.

9. Toph and her parents are the only characters with last names.

Aang, Sokka, Katara, Toph Beifong. The quartet travels the world trying to train the savior of the world in anticipation of a devastating comet invasion, but only one of them is given a family name. Even the royal Zuko and the rest of the Fire Lord crew are unnamed. The creators haven’t weighed this up specifically, but Toph is also introduced in the context of the fame of her wealthy family in the Earth Kingdom, and she also uses her last name to get instant tickets for the Ba Sing Se ferry. Name is important to the plot.

10. Toph was originally supposed to be a 16 year old boy.

The team wanted to add a muscular film to Sokka in season two, but when they explored the opportunity, they found it far better to create a blind 12-year-old girl who absolutely ruins larger, physically stronger earthbenders. Her original animation design became the basis for Sud, Avatar Roku’s earth bending instructor.

11. In the Avatar: The last airbender Universe, toys are used to identify the avatar.

At least they belong to the Air Nomads. The method is to show children thousands of toys. If you only select the four avatar relics to play with, it is very likely that you have found the reborn avatar (who selects the toys you already know). The relics are a clay turtle flute, a drawstring propeller, a wooden monkey and a wooden hand drum, all of which belonged to previous avatars.

12th Avatar: The last airbender was largely inspired by Studio Ghibli films FLCL.

The creation of Katara’s character also created a tragic background story for the southern water tribe. When developing Katara (originally called Kya until Nickelodeon’s legal department overruled it), the show’s creators wanted her to have water bending power instead of her brother, and they didn’t want her to be a master of her element, like Aang with air. For this reason, they decided that Katara was still a beginner because there were no waterbenders to learn from – which required the invention of a painful past, one of the terrible consequences of the war, and an important motivating factor for her and Sokka.

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