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Butts and feces were an obsession for Renaissance geniuses

We owe so much to the great minds of the Renaissance; those men and women who finally cast off the fetters of medieval faint-heartedness and ushered in the return of intellectualism and politeness. At least in a big way. Personally, these shrewd gentlemen were still rather old filthy bastards obsessed with their Debonair derrieres, flaneur farts, and Socratic starfish.

To be a Renaissance man means to be interested in a wide variety of subjects. And during the Renaissance Europe the theme scatologyie poop was very popular. Many of the icons of the time were downright intrigued by assholes, and everything that came out (or came in) said assholes. After printing the Bible, Johannes Gutenberg, artist, publisher and father of the printing company, wanted to do the second printed book of all time A laxative calendar for when the best shit is consumed. In the meantime, the inventor and everything else devoted several pages to Leonardo da Vinci Outline the glorious ability of the anus to transform from a flower to a fortress when pressed together – while his clever apprentice doodled sentient cocks march into a sizeable hairy asshole in the margins.

Butts and poop were an obsession for Renaissance geniuses The Dong drawings of Leonardo da Vinci's assistant

Leonardo da Vinci
A tradition that is proudly continued today by other tenth graders.

But the dung king was undoubtedly Martin Luther. According to Danielle Mead Skjelver of Maryland University, Luther was obsessed with scatology and once stated that the act of pooping “I felt that I was totally reborn and had entered Paradise itself.” The patron saint of toilet humor enjoyed making his own Religiousness as vulgar as possible with notorious quotes such as: “I defy the devil, and often I chase him away with a fart” and “I am like a mature chair and the world like a gigantic anus, and that’s how we are on our way.” let go, “his wife whispered on his deathbed.

Which isn’t really the image most schoolchildren leave behind after thinking of Luther nailing his 95 theses on the church door, but that’s just because the teachers leave out the fact that he did it under the statue of a did Rabbi French kisses the asshole of a pig. Or the fact that he later denounced the Roman Catholic Church by calling indulgences “total shit” and Pope Paul III. As a “little donkey pope” who licks the devil’s asshole and farts so loudly that “it’s a miracle that it didn’t tear his hole and stomach apart” – in an open letter to the said pope.

Butt and poop were an obsession for Renaissance geniuses Martin Luther nailed 95 theses to the church door

Ferdinand Pauwels
“More like 95 feces, right?” – Martin Luther, sure?

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