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Britain has just created an immigration Crisis Dümmer as DACA

It's hard to outnumber the Trump administration's boneheaded antics and downright asshole when it comes to immigration, but Britain is currently trying to deal with the "Windrush Generation" – a group of immigrants who came into the country – his best legal, but now threatens the deportation by a system that wants to take back their immigration status.

If you think that sounds exactly like DACA, you are right … except that these children have arrived in the UK Fifty years ago, this made less DACA and more deferred action for adult adults.

The "Windrush Generation" ̵

1; named after the Passenger Ship / Ex-Nazi Troop Carrier, which brought the first group to British shores – includes over 500,000 people between 1948 and 1971 as part of a vested benefits program between the Commonwealth countries of Jamaica and India had emigrated to Britain. This program was particularly encouraged by the British government, which was eager to help people rebuild the country and alleviate the labor shortage caused by sending their bodies to get machine guns in a ditch. These legal immigrants – most of whom were children – formed an integral part of British society and culture despite the efforts of the numerous racist and very fascist political parties of that time.

This leads us to the present day, where at least 57,000 of these people conflict with modern anti-immigration laws. The Windrushers arrived at a time in the UK where immigration control had consisted of two minor curses, that one could walk well, so that the government had few records (foreshadowing!) And mostly children with their parents' passport formalized their status and instead started building good, hard-working lives. In 2012, however, the Conservatives passed a bill granting all velor-whitish people proof of their status as legal immigrants in every application for a job, home or famous, free health care … that windrushers now lose these things and from the Deportation threatened. As far as sensible immigration policy is concerned, this meant the deportation of anyone who had relatives in Plymouth Rock.

John Speed ​​ Or trying to make England Anglo-Saxon again #MBASA

The outcry over Prime Minister Theresa May made a sincere apology to the Windrus women and Interior Minister Amber Rudd announced the creation of a special team to help vulnerable people prove their immigration status. She also apologized for the "appalling" treatment of the Windrushers and blamed the situation for a government that "dealt too much with politics and strategy … and saw the individual [lost]" – an apology, Theresa May directly accused May, who had originally drafted the immigration laws that led to this situation, was once cited (presumably in Supervillain Weekly ) that she wanted the country "to become a truly hostile environment for illegal migration". and, in 2010, monitored the destruction of all government-led records proving the legal immigration status of, um … the wind hunters.

Good news, however. This whole charade means that the British government will be astounding in dealing with the 3,000,000 EU citizens in the UK who will question their immigration status after Brexit. At least they will look amazing in comparison. It's hard to imagine how they could mess things up.

Sh * t. Jinxed it.

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