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It's been almost six years since Breaking Bad went up in flames, but fans still have not stopped thinking about the award-winning crime drama. What happened to Walter White in the series finale? What is the background story of Gus Fring? And what did Jesse Pinkman's doodles mean?

While El Camino Vince Gilligan's new Breaking Bad film offers definitive answers to at least one of these questions, these fan-theories provide some alternative answers – even though they push the boundaries of logic and reason on the way. Read on to discover Walt's surprising source of cancer diagnosis and find out why pink is always bad news.

. 1
Walter White picks up on the characteristics of the people he kills.

Walter White is an unpredictable type, but in one thing he is strangely consistent: after killing someone, he copies them in one way. Do you remember how Krazy-8 liked his crustless sandwiches? After Walt murdered him, he started eating crusted PB & Js. Walt also picked up Mike Ehrmantraut's drink order and Gus Fring's car, causing many fans to wonder if Walt was stealing personal attributes from the people he killed.

. 2 Gus Fring worked for the CIA.

Who was Gus Fring before he became the reckless leader of a Meth / Fried Chicken empire? We know that he comes from Chile. We also know that all the records of his time are gone there. And we know Don Eladio refused to kill him when he got the chance. Since Don Eladio has no qualms about eliminating the competition, Gus must have some form of protection. Could it be from the US government? A detailed reddit theory states that Gus was once a Chilean aristocrat who helped the CIA bring dictator Augusto Pinochet to power. After Pinochet was brought to justice, Gus traveled to Mexico at the behest of the CIA to infiltrate a drug cartel. His alliance with US intelligence kept him alive, even as his work became more violent, and helped him avoid the normal immigration problems that usually occur in the murder of many people.

. 3 Madrigal built broken air filters that caused Walter White Cancer.

Madrigal Electromotive is a company with different interests. The German parent company of Los Pollos Hermanos is engaged in shipping, fast food and industrial equipment … including air filters. According to a fan theory, Gray Matter – Elliott Schwartz-based company Walter White – bought and installed Madrigal's defective air filters while Walt was still working in the company. The filters eventually caused Walt's lung cancer, pushing him into the illicit drug trade and finally into the business with Madrigal.

. 4 Color is a crucial element in the series.

Color is a code for Breaking Bad . When a character chooses monotonous tones, he usually goes through something like withdrawal (Jesse) or chemo (Walt). Her wardrobe could become darker as her stories get darker – when Marie put her trademark purple on black while she was under protective custody. In addition, pink signals death, whether it is a teddy bear or Saul Goodman's button-down shirt.

. 5 Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead exist in the same universe.

Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead were both aired on AMC. But according to fans, that's not all they have in common. There is a wealth of evidence linking the two shows – and one of the biggest connections is Blue Sky. The strikingly-colored Crystal Meth is Walt and Jesse's business card in Breaking Bad but it's also Merle Dixon's drug of choice in The Walking Dead . Coincidentally, his drug dealer ("a nervous little white man" who says "slut") sounds a lot like Jesse.

. 6 Walter White Frozen and Hallucinated Breaking Bad .

In her review of the Breaking Bad serial finale "Felina" The New Yorker critic Emily Nussbaum proposed an alternate ending in which Walt died an episode earlier when the police drove his car in New Hampshire. He could have frozen "behind the wheel of a car he could not start," she guessed, hallucinating the dramatic final shootout in "Felina" in his final moments. This reading has found favor with several fans, including SNL Alum Norm Macdonald

7. Jesse's superheroes are a look into his inner psyche.

In Season 2 of Breaking Bad we discover that Jesse Pinkman is a part-time artist. He designs his own superheroes, including Backwardo / Rewindo (who can run backwards fast enough to rewind time), Hoverman (who floats above the ground) and Kanga-Man (who has a buddy in his "bag"). The characters are stupid, just like Jesse, but they may also reveal what is going on in his mind. Backwardo represents Jesse's tendency to flee conflict. Hoverman reflects his lack of direction or purpose, while Kanga-Man points to his co-dependence.

. 8 Madrigal was founded by Nazi war criminals.

This may be one of the wilder Breaking Bad Theories but before you write it off, think of Werner Heisenberg: The German physicist who pioneered Hitler's nuclear weapons program is the obvious inspiration for Walt Meth Kingpin moniker. While Heisenberg only appears in the name, there are many literal Nazis on the show. Look no further than Uncle Jack and the Aryan Brotherhood, who served as the big evil of Season 5. At least one redector believes all these Nazi references point to something bigger, a conspiracy that goes straight to the top. The theory begins in South America, where many Nazis fled after the Second World War. A group of them allegedly founded a new company, Madrigal, through their existing connections back in Germany. Finally, a young Chilean named Gus Fring worked his way into the growing business, and the rest is (fake) history.

. 9 Walter White survived, but paid the price.

Many Breaking Bad theories refer to Walt's death or lack thereof. But if Walt had actually lived through his seemingly deadly bullet wound in Felina, what would the rest of his life look like? According to a Reddit theory, it would not be nice. The infamous Heisenberg would almost certainly stand trial and go to jail. Although he tries to provide Skyler White with information to conclude a deal with the police, she could easily go to jail – or lose custody of her children. The kids would not necessarily get the money Walt had left with Elliott and Gretchen Schwartz, as they could take his threats to the police and hand over the money to them. Basically it's a lot of misery, which makes Walt's death a strangely optimistic end. (This is a theory that addresses El Camino directly.)

10. Breaking Bad is a continuation of Malcolm in the middle .

Okay, let's say Walt survived the series finale and did not stand trial . Maybe he started as a new man with a new family. Maybe three boys? This fan-favored theory states that after the events of Break Bad (19459004), Walter White assumed a new identity as Malcolm in the Middle Patriarch, making the series a prequel to Bryan Cranston's beloved sitcom. The crew of Breaking Bad liked this idea so much that they put an "alternative ending" to the DVD set, in which Hal awakens from a bad dream in which "There was a guy who never talked! He just rang The bell all the time! And then there was another guy, a cop or a DEA agent, and I think it was my brother or something. He looked like the guy from The Shield . "

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