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‘Blazing Saddles’ had a total boss premiere

Indoor cinemas are currently about as popular as personal care and non-jogging pants. In the meantime, the drive-in theaters weren’t so full Decadesand defies previous forecasts of stupid Doomsayer releases, whose names we will not mention.


This also means that new films have their premiere, not at glamorous red carpet events, but at the good old drive-in. Like Dave Franco’s new horror film The rent …

Bold title for a theatrical release, Bud.

Which honestly looks like crap. But what more can we expect from a Hollywood premiere that takes place at a drive-in? Well, it turns out that this is arguably the biggest film premiere of any times was held at a drive-in, you guessed it. Mel Brooks classic comedy Flaming saddles had its first demonstration at Pickwick Drive-In in 1974. According to the western theme, however, only those on horseback were allowed. Even the stars of the film showed riding horses that the probably lazy old Dave Franco had never thought of.

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