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Bizarre and mysterious noises that no one can explain

Mysterious sounds trigger something primitive in our brain. They take us back to our days as hunters and gatherers, when deciphering a strange “bloop” in the jungle may have helped us survive (as it may be a new species of predator). While this is rarely the case anymore, this part of the brain still works the same way.

Mysterious sounds still pique our interest in ways that other senses don’t. There is something simply creepy about a sound whose origin cannot be fully determined that is made even more creepy by the number of noises out there these days. From classified radio signals to industrial machinery, most of us haven̵

7;t even heard of it. However, most of them could be explained by “everyday things that make everyday noises that you just hadn’t noticed before”.

However, it gets strange when a tone is heard multiple times by several people and neither of them can tell where it is coming from. Some of the most bizarre sounds we’ve ever heard are still unexplained, despite entire chunks of the internet searching for their origins.

10. The upsweep

In case it’s not clear on the world map, the Pacific is so vast that we can always find new ones Islands there we had no idea existed. Therefore, any mysterious sound emanating from any part of it is even more creepy, since we simply do not know what lies in its vast, unknown depths.

The Upsweep – as it is informally called – is one such sound that comes from somewhere in the Pacific, although we have no idea where. It was first discovered in 1991 and sounds like a long chain of random frequency bursts. What makes it even stranger is the strength of its source, as the sound can be heard across the Pacific. Although we know it came from a region with a lot of seismic activity, its exact source is unknown.

9. The 52 Hertz whale

In 1989, America’s underwater system of submarine detection microphones – also known as SOSUS – accidentally picked up a mysterious sound that was strikingly similar to the sound of a whale. Except that it wasn’t like a whale that we know.

On the one hand, the sound frequency was measured at 52 Hz, which does not correspond to any known whale species. More importantly, however, the geographic location of the source was never the same in any of the readings, suggesting that it is a whale that has been roaming around the world for at least the oceans 1989.

For those who do not know, individuals from each whale pod sing with a unique frequency and pitch, thereby identifying their own. The fact that we have heard only one source of this sound suggests that this whale is unique not only in its singing frequency, but also on its own. This is of course the case if it is a whale and not a deep-sea creature that we have not yet discovered.

8th JULY

JULIA was first recorded in 1999 and is a name for another sound picked up by American hydrophones to identify submarines and other suspicious underwater vehicles. The recording sounds like a muffled scream in the ocean to us, even though it was apparently strong enough to be heard everywhere Pacific Ocean.

According to the team that analyzed it, it sounds a lot like a broken iceberg dragging against the ocean floor, which is quite common, especially towards the poles. That’s just a guess, however, as we’ve never been able to confirm the exact location of its source, and that’s what makes it so mysterious.

7. UVB-76

UVB-76 was first reported in 1973 and is the name of a shortwave radio just north of Moscow. That would be it – since the USSR was full of towers carrying encrypted messages during the Cold War – except that it did not stop doing so even after the dissolution of the empire. What is more mysterious is the fact that the sounds have not stayed the same throughout their history.

It started up with beeps at regular intervals 1992when it switched to buzz. Occasionally it was interrupted by a Russian male voice telling a series of random words or numbers. That was all until 2010 when the non-stop beeps and buzzes stopped one day, though they kept coming back for a short while. Since then, casual listeners have seen other seemingly unrelated voices in the broadcast, such as Russian folk songs, random slaps and shuffles, and a series of numbers and letters that seem to have nothing to do with each other.

Of course, it can only be an active military broadcast, although this is just an assumption that the sound is actually from a military base and not something else entirely.

6. The Colossi of Memnon

The Colossi of Memnon are two statues of the ancient Egyptian pharaoh Amenhotep III. On the west bank of the Nile in Luxor, Egypt. They show the Pharaoh sitting in a resting position facing the Nile, although we’re not sure why there are two of them (they look the same!).

The statues are also the center of one of the most enduring sound secrets of all time. According to records from some reliable and unrelated sources, the statues made about 27 BC. BC, usually at dawn, a strange sound. It only started after they were damaged by an earthquake, which led many to believe that the newly formed cracks somehow contributed to it. However, this was barely enough to explain the completely different noises mentioned in the recordings. from a loud roar of an animal to the sound of an animal breaking lyre String (an ancient Greek instrument).

5. The Lincolnshire Poacher

The Lincolnshire Poacher is an informal name given to another possible Cold War-era shortwave number station that refused to wear off after the dissolution of the USSR. Unlike UVB-76 – which is almost certainly located somewhere near Moscow – the exact location is unknown, although observers suspect it is a UK-controlled base in Cyprus.

During the daily duration of its continuous transmission – beginning in the 1970s and ending in 2008 – the signal began with the first verse of English Folk music with the same name followed by unique messages that lasted exactly 45 minutes. However, unlike robot signals from other broadcasters, this one sounded like it was being told by a live voice every time, which made it even creepier.

4. Saturn

Most people may not realize that a large part of the background statics we hear on Earth is actually the sound of space as there are many asteroids, planets, and other huge bodies that make a lot of noise. However, the loudest of them – with the least in our immediate vicinity – must be Saturn.

Unlike most of the other planets in the solar system, Saturn sends out a routine, mysterious burst of radio waves known as the Saturn Kilometric Radiation. First detailed by Cassini, the eruption initially appears to be normal radiation emanating from the planet’s rotation, with the exception that the waves incident from both poles do not coincide with each other. This suggests that the two hemispheres of the planet are spinning at different speeds, and that is impossible. In addition, the position of these waves changes during the day, moving from north to south and then back to north as the day comes to an end. This means that the two halves of the planet not only spin at different speeds, but also interchangeably and regularly, which just doesn’t make sense.

3. The Taos Hum

Taos is a small town in northern Mexico that also serves as a popular ski resort. It is also the location of one of the strangest continuous noises ever reported, although, like all of the other weird noises on this list, no one has ever been able to pinpoint the exact source.

Known simply as Taos Hum, it was first discovered in 1992. Residents have reported it in a variety of seasons, times of day, and locations around the city, and scary, no two reports describe the same sound. One study even installed recorders in the homes of people who claimed to have heard them when they couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary.

2. Mysterious booms in the US

It’s strange enough when you hear a mysterious noise in your house that no one can explain, although it’s just plain scary when multiple people hear the same sound in multiple cities across the country. This is exactly what has been happening in small cities in the United States for several years. Quite a few people from different states have reported hearing aloud is booming that appears to be similar in description, although its source still remains a mystery.

What is surprising is that the affected states – such as Colorado, Michigan, California, New Jersey – are scattered all over the country and seem to have no connection to one another. Possible explanations range from exploding asteroids to a top-secret military experiment across America, though none have been confirmed yet.

1. Aurora Borealis

Anyone who has had the chance to see the aurora lights for themselves knows that they are one of the most spectacular natural phenomena to be observed on earth. Caused by solar winds that abnormally charge particles in the atmosphere, they occur only in regions with high latitudes near the poles, such as Scandinavia and Canada in the north and Chile, New Zealand and Argentina in the south.

This is all about the graphics, but according to some recent research, aurora lights make a distinct sound too. It’s like a hissing sound, only we don’t really know what is causing it. Researcher I think it has something to do with the charged particles that cause the light in the first place, although honestly that would be our first guess as well. That being said, it is not clear what the noises are or how they can travel hundreds of kilometers through the atmosphere to reach the ground.

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