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BioLite has designed a headlight that does not irritate or slip off the head

So you still do not have the perfect gift for Valentine's Day, do you? Do not worry – you left everything until the last minute, but with Amazon Prime shipping, anything is possible. Here are 11 gifts for your main pressing, which will arrive until February 14th.

If you have a nerd in your life, you can never go wrong with a funko-pop! Number. There is one for each type of fandom, whether your sweetheart is a fan of Game of Thrones Harry Potter, Mister Rogers or Iron Man. We can not help but be thrilled with the Bob Ross version.

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Candles are great for all-purpose gifts, whether you're in a committed relationship or you're just starting to meet someone. Paddywax's Parks candles have scents inspired by popular nature parks such as Yosemite (poplar and oak), Grand Canyon (cactus and fern), Great Smoky Mountains (maple and moss), Yellowstone (sagebrush and fir) and Glacier (white pine and hemlock)). Get your partner with a candle that reminds him or encourages him to visit his favorite place ̵

1; hopefully with you.

Buy on Amazon for $ 28-30.

If your lover loves coffee, chances are you've been craving a chic burr grinder for some time now. A high-quality mill is one of the first things that baristas recommend when it comes to making really good coffee at home. If your favorite coffee connoisseur uses a cheap knife mill, we recommend the Baratza Virtuoso, a high-end model that has over 40 different settings and produces a consistent grind that is needed for proper extraction of the coffee. 19659007] If you're not ready to throw in $ 230 on a kitchen appliance, the slightly cheaper Baratza Encore is the brand's most popular grinder. He is an excellent alternative, although he is a bit slower and a little louder than the virtuoso. (This $ 35 Cuisinart option is not quite as good, but we'll admit it's a hard-to-beat price.)

Buy from Amazon for $ 230.

If you're up for that Decide Night With the last episode of Game of Thrones you can give your friend the gift of language – the Dothraki language. The 128-page book and one-hour audio course is written by David J. Peterson, the "speech designer" who developed Dothraki for the HBO show, and includes all the phrases, vocabulary and grammar you need, including some words that You've never heard on TV before.

Buy from Amazon for $ 16.

Has your partner dragged you around with your laptop for years in a ragged backpack? Give them an upgrade that looks polished, whether they're in the office, on a bike, or at dinner. This unisex canvas and leather messenger bag fits up to 14-inch laptops and has many compartments to organize all your belongings.

Buy it at Amazon for $ 44.

Despite its small footprint a hand blender is one of the most useful kitchen tools. It can mix, chop, chop, wipe and puree and process everything from smoothies to chopped nuts to whipped egg whites. Home Cooks and Great British Bake Off fans will love this KitchenAid submersible, which currently costs $ 35.

Buy from Amazon for $ 45.

Nothing says "I love you like a foot massage, but you do not have to put your hands in. TheraFlow's dual foot massager calms tired feet and stimulates myofascial release gentle, sustained pressure as the user slides their feet over the rollers.

Buy from Amazon for $ 19.

An instant camera is one of those slightly expensive purchases that people love but are reluctant to Do you really need to print photos as needed when in portrait mode? No, but you'll love the option! Give your lover the gift, the most popular person Becoming the party with this retro-looking Fujifilm instant camera, which is currently priced at $ 62.

Buy from Amazon for $ 118.

Enter your partner Gift saying, "I would like to curl up with you on the couch." Pendleton blankets are known for their quality, and although they are definitely an investment, they will keep you forever. This one is very cozy. One critic writes, "I've used several Pendleton quilts, but believe me, this new 5th Avenue line feels twice as soft and luxurious as its other quilts."

Buy on Amazon for $ 180. [19659002] Do not pretend that Valentine's Day is just for beloved people. Treat the true love of your life – your cat – with a toy that you do not want to put off. The toy yarns of Chilly Dog Barn are handmade and stuffed with catnip to the brim. They are available in a selection of adorable animal designs that will delight your cat (or that of your competitor!) When they try to kill.

Buy them from Amazon for $ 12 for three toys or $ 20 for six toys.

Want to see the puppies of a puppy on this V-Day? Whether it's your No. 1 doggie or the rescue of your new friend, you'll love this squeaky ball. It is virtually indestructible, even in the pines of the most aggressive chews. A reviewer compares her dog's obsession with Golem and his One Ring.

Buy at Amazon for $ 8.

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