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Bidets that are worth converting

With the sudden shortage of toilet paper that we experienced early on during the COVID 19 pandemic, many Americans began to look for a solution that much of the world has already adopted: the bidet. Bidets are considered more sustainable and hygienic than conventional toilet paper and rely on concentrated water flows to clean them after using the bathroom. They are the norm in large parts of Asia, Europe and South America. If you are interested in changing, here you will find six bidet seats and bidet attachments that you can buy immediately.

1. Bliss BB-1700 bidet toilet seat; $ 579 (10 percent off)

This bidet model has a three-in-one nozzle that adjusts the water flow to your specifications while maintaining a constant temperature, so you don̵

7;t have to worry about being shocked by a cold surprise when you least do it expect. There are three settings to choose from depending on what you need: the typical vortex flow, the back wash, and the soft bladder infusion wash. The Bliss BB-1700 is also self-cleaning, making it a largely uncomplicated bathroom experience

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2. The goal is to wash! Bidet attachment for all toilets; $ 50 (28 percent off)

It is estimated that around 27,000 trees are felled worldwide every day to produce enough toilet paper for global requirements. If you’re concerned about the environmental impact of your bathroom habits, this self-cleaning bidet attachment is a cost-effective way to make a more sustainable change. No additional power supply is required for operation, and you can set it up yourself in just 10 minutes.

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3. Alpha IX Hybrid bidet seat with remote control; $ 274 (45 percent off)

If you are looking for a bidet with some positive reviews, the Alpha IX Hybrid is for you. Amazon users rated it 4.3 stars for its advanced hybrid heating system that keeps the water nice and warm, as well as for its four washing modes and the practical radio remote control.

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4. Alpha GX Wave bidet seat; $ 200 (49 percent off)

This model is similar to the Alpha IX, but has a slightly higher 4.4-star rating on Amazon. It is praised for its warm air dryer, flat appearance and ease of use. The water and seat warmer has temperatures between 80 ° F and 104 ° F, while the air dryer can reach 131 ° F.

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5. SlimGlow: The world’s first bidet accessory with night light; $ 50 (36 percent off)

With an ergonomic design and a control button that changes the water pressure, the SlimGlow is a convenient option for users of all sizes. It can be easily installed on your existing toilet and has a night light for all night trips to the bathroom.

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6. Bliss BB-2000: bidet toilet seat; $ 699

This bidet offers consistently warm water temperatures of up to 104 ° C, which means that you get a refreshing stream every time you use it. It is also equipped with an air dryer that ranges from 80 ° F to 131 ° F and is done in just a minute or two. A wireless remote control and self-cleaning setting make this model easy to use and immaculately hygienic.

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