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Bestselling Amazon audio books for sexual and reproductive health

The legendary couple therapist and bestselling author from Mating in Captivity, Esther Perel, returns with a groundbreaking and provocative look at infidelity and calls for a more differentiated and less appreciative conversation about our transgressions.

An affair: she can rob a few of their relationship, their happiness, their identity. Yet this extremely common human experience is so poorly understood. Adultery has existed since the invention of marriage, and with it the prohibition that marriage can envy.

So what should we do with this old taboo that is universally forbidden and yet universal? practiced? Master therapist Esther Perel has traveled the world over the past 1

0 years and has worked with hundreds of couples who have been shaken by infidelity. In The State of Affairs, she asks why we're cheating? And why do happy people cheat? Why does infidelity hurt so much? And what exactly do we mean when we say infidelity? Is an affair always the end of a marriage?

Matters, she writes, can teach us a lot about relationships. They offer unusual insights into our personal and cultural attitudes towards love, lust and commitment. Treason hurts but can be cured. An affair can even be the door to a new marriage – with the same person. With the right approach, Perel argues, couples can grow together or separately from these turbulent experiences and learn from them.

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