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Best the Loud House episodes of the seasons 1-2

So far I enjoy The Loud House, Season 3, so a list of the best episodes of the first two seasons.

1 For Bros About to Rock
  For Bros About to Rock

For Bros About to Rock, in my opinion, is the best Loud House episode ever. It might change, but for now it's my favorite. I love this episode. Luna gets a real character development and the plot is just great. Basically, Lincoln and Clyde go to their first rock concert, but they worry that Luna will ruin it. The end of the episode is just perfect and I really hope we'll get more episodes in the future ̵

1; Gangem

2 Left in the Dark
  Left in the Dark

The first episode of The Show is still one of the best episodes. The whole episode is very entertaining. This was also the first episode I saw, so that's pretty cool. In the episode, there's a power outage right in front of Lincoln's favorite series, ARRGH !, so he and his sister go to the basement to turn it back on. One of my favorite parts was the end, when all the sisters are nice to Lincoln and it is interrupted with a funny joke with Lucy, who was subsequently a running gag. In my opinion, this is a great start to the series – Gangem

3 L is for the love
  L is for the love

I do not put this simply because of the end, though it Great, I put that on the list because it's just perfect. The premise is that a love letter comes into the house and is addressed to L Loud, and the siblings decide to find out who sent them. The way the siblings address their attrition is hilarious. And the end is just great, I will not spoil anything, but the end is really a twist and a brilliant one. The Best Episode of Season Two and a Much Better Love Episode Than Study Muffin – Gangem

4 Suite and Sour
  Suite and Sour

This is by far the funniest episode of the entire show. I laughed at this episode! I can not remember a moment when I was not thrilled with how hilarious it was. In her, the Loud family stays in a hotel and there is chaos. Literally, hilarious. And the end was brilliant. I suggest watching this episode of you who loves to laugh – Gangem

5 Snowdrift Down
  Snowdrift Down

Schneeweg is by far the best Clyde episode except you count for Bros to rock. But in terms of episodes focused on Clyde, Snow Way Down is his best episode. I've heard a lot of people say it's a sister episode, Snow Way Out (which is not really related to this episode) is better. And while I like Snow Way Out, Snow Way Down is the better episode for me. In this case, the fathers of Lincoln, Clyde, and Clyde go to a cabin in the winter, and Clyde's fathers will protect Clyde a little. And the end, where they all go down the huge ramp, is definitely one of the best moments. Just a very funny and memorable episode – Gangem

6 11 sounds a Leapin '
  11 sounds a Leapin & # 39;

This is by far my favorite one. I like Relative Chaos, but I do not like Tricked! (Unpopular opinion), but this episode is my favorite one. Basically, Lincoln finds out that Mr. Grouse (the neighbor) has a large family but can not visit them for Christmas. The song in the end is great and the episode as a whole was great – Gangem

Hey! At least the faces of the parents can be seen

7 Cover Girls
  Cover Girls
8 Get the Message
  Get the Message

Many people do not like this episode, but me personally love it. I was just entertained by the episode. Basically, when Lori breaks Lincoln's video game, Lincoln Lori leaves a nasty message (sent by Luna censored), but when Lori replaces the game, Lincoln tries to erase the message. It used to be the show's favorite episode, but I still love it. Extremely entertaining – Gangem

9 Space Invader
  Space Invader
10 Undie Pressure
  Undie Pressure

This is one of my favorite episodes of the first season. Basically, the siblings do not try to portray their character traits as a challenge. This is extremely entertaining and is probably the most entertaining. Definitely a very funny time – Gangem

The Competitors

11 Roughin 'It
  Roughin & # 39; It

This is definitely one of my favorite episodes of the first season. Basically, Lincoln and Clyde inquire about the wild, but discover that it's not the way it is. The end of this episode is one of my favorites. It shows Lincoln taking care of his sisters and listening to them. And this love boat is pretty funny. One of the Best Lincoln and Clyde Episodes – Gangem

12 Friend or Faux?
  friend or faux?

This is just a very sweet episode that I really enjoy. Basically, Lisa tries to find a girlfriend in Darcy, a girl in her class. It shows people with autism spectrum in a positive light. The relationship between Lisa and Darcy is just incredibly cute, and I would definitely see another Darcy episode. By far the best episode of Lisa – Gangem

13 The loudest yard
  The loudest yard
14 Fancy
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16 Lynne takes everything

17 fool's paradise
  fool's paradise

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