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Best niche sports markets to bet on

Sports betting has seen a boom in recent years, from being an old man calling in the pub to being one of the largest corporations in the world.

With sports like soccer, horse racing, golf and tennis profiting massively from the explosion in sports betting, the money circulating in professional sports around the world has never been greater.

However, there are still many niche sports on the market that arouse great interest not only from fans but also from athletes.

Finding a sport that is relatively “untouched” can yield significantly better returns for punters than an event held in a congested market. Read on to find the best niche sports markets to bet on.


While snooker is certainly not a niche in terms of attendance and popularity, it is a relatively untapped market within the competition.

Many of the big events on the snooker calendar are sponsored by sports betting companies, but not many players get stuck in the markets available on the bait.

Mainly with snooker, it’s the variety of markets on offer that makes it a good sport to bet on.

Most games are played over multiple frames, which gives players great opportunities to bet on the correct number of points within a given frame – which can result in high returns.

The slow nature of the game also makes in-game betting a breeze. With many of the events available for live streaming through the major betting companies, snooker betting can be fruitful for all punter levels.


Like most forms of martial arts competitions, wrestling is a diverse sport that has many forms and niches within it.

From WWE entertainment to Olympic-level wrestling matches, players can always find a market that suits them in the wrestling space.

WWE wrestling is always worth supporting with so many weird and wonderful markets available.

Furthermore, not many people bet money on wrestling betting markets, so the punters get the best odds available when making a selection for a particular competition.


Okay, stay with us – darts aren’t a niche in their purest form, of course, but for punters it can be a gold mine.

The popularity of the arrows has increased in recent years and the associated markets and competitions are often played for significant sums of money.

Darts are often played in rapid-fire game formats, with odds being offered for every detail of up to which player will get the most points in a given leg.

This focus level is a godsend for the punters as they can choose their moments to bet on.

Additionally, darts is still a thriving sport for sports betting enthusiasts – which means the prizes can often be a bit generous if you know what you’re doing.

Aussie rules

The AFL is one of the largest sports competitions in Australia, but it struggles a bit in terms of global reach.

However, the AFL’s global position on the sports schedule means that betting markets are often very accessible to players who have little knowledge of the Australian rules.

With a unique points system and games that have been played over a long period of time, in-play betting is also an option for players looking to win big according to Australian rules.

Take advantage of the bookmaker’s offers

Regardless of the niche of the sport, taking advantage of the bookmaker’s offers is often a very helpful step for those looking to win their bets.

Lots of things are important to those who place bets with bookmakers, but watch out for the free bet offers that come both as free bet tokens and as a deposit bonus once you sign up to play.

It is always advised to look for the best bookmaker deals and if used well they can be profitable for all sports.

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