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Best horror movies on Amazon Prime

Streaming services offer a variety of films, but sometimes nothing more than horror is enough. If you're tired of scary Netflix content, check out these 11 films currently available on Amazon Prime that are guaranteed to send a shiver down your spine.

For Florence Pugh, who is going on a hike, strange things are going on her boyfriend (Jack Reynor) and friends for the Swedish midsummer festival. While the locals are initially hospitable, their underlying intentions soon take a dark turn.

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski (who is also the director) are a married couple who want to protect their children in a world where monsters attack even with the slightest noise. If Blunt becomes pregnant, her survival is questioned.

Before Chris Hemsworth attacked Thor, he made this meta-horror film by Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon about a group of friends who got more than they expected while spending a scenic weekend in the woods. Far from the average slasher, it's a deconstruction of the genre.

Two women who work in a French boarding school ̵

1; one married, the other a mistress – decide to get their mutual problem out of his misery. Unfortunately, his death is only the beginning of their problems. This moody French film, based on a novel, was almost shot by Alfred Hitchcock for an American audience, but director Henri-Georges Clouzot first grabbed the rights. The result impressed Hitchcock so much that he decided to improve his game with the classic Psycho (1960). If it impressed the master of tension, it's worth a look.

A slow combustion that eventually catches fire. Hereditary sees Toni Collette as a mother who is struggling with her mother's death. When her children experience strange visions, Collette faces some of the demons that have lurked in the family's past.

Chucky will be your friend until the end. Unfortunately, the end of this horror classic could come prematurely and cruelly via a doll that has the spirit of a serial killer (Brad Dourif) and is adopted by a child and his mother. Pint-sized terror occurs.

Disclaimer: Only one segment in this anthology developed for television is worth seeing, but it is a killer. Karen Black stars in three stories, all written by Richard Matheson ( The Twilight Zone ). The third story is "Amelia". As the title character, Black is a single woman under the thumb of an arrogant mother and hopes to build a relationship with a history professor. She buys an African artifact as a gift for him and spends the next 25 minutes running to her life when it gains in sentiment. Combine it with children's game for a great double feature.

Larry Cohen wrote and directed this dark comic horror film about sensitive goose bumps, which proves to be a hit in the dessert aisle of grocery stores nationwide. Too bad that consumers have a negative reaction to it, which triggers a panic.

A coming-of-age drama about two outcast sisters (Katharine Isabelle, Emily Perkins) turns when one of them is bitten by a werewolf and sets off A chain of events that mark her uncomfortable years make it even more uncomfortable.

Clive Barker's twisted imagination is evident in this little-seen cult classic. As Aaron Boone, Craig Sheffer is brought back to life to join the Nightbreed, a gang of freaks who want to prevent a serial killer (director David Cronenberg in a cheeky performance) from going on strike. Highly recommended for fans of practical effects and makeup.

In this nightmare by director Don Coscarelli, Angus Scrimm makes a name for himself as a horror icon over two brothers who discover a local funeral home. Amazon Prime broadcasts a newly revised version in all its bloody splendor.

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