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Best horror films to stream on Amazon Prime

It does not matter how many times you've seen it; John Carpenter's Halloween which was published more than 40 years ago, must always be displayed for the holiday it is named after. Here are 15 things you may not have known about the movie.

. 1 It took less than two weeks to write the screenplay for Halloween .

Director John Carpenter originally intended to name his film The Babysitter Murders but producer Irwin Yablans suggested that the story might perhaps be more significant when it comes to a particular holiday acted, so the title was changed to Halloween . The carpenter and co-writer Debra Hill wrote the original script in just 1

0 days.

. 2 Halloween features Jamie Lee Curtis's feature film debut.

Jamie Lee Curtis was initially interested in the role because she loved Carpenter's 1976 film Assault on Precinct 13 and parted for the part three times by Laurie Strode. Carpenter initially wanted actress Anne Lockhart for the role, but was cast after her last audition with Curtis as she captured the scene where Laurie looked out the window to see Michael Myers in her backyard. Curtis has repeated her role as Laurie several times in the more than 40 years since the release of the original film and her voice in an uncredited performance as a Halloween III: Witch (the pseudo-sequel, in the Michael Myers story did not occur). In 2018 she again played Laurie with David Gordon Green's reboot of the series, which she will play again in the upcoming episodes: Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends .

3. Halloween was filmed in the Midwest, but not filmed there.

Although Halloween takes place in the fictional city of Haddonfield in Illinois, it was filmed in the south of Pasadena and Hollywood, California. If you look closely, you can see palm trees in the background of some recordings, such as the scene above where Laurie Tommy Doyle leads to the Myers house. Haddonfield is named after Debra Hill's hometown Haddonfield, New Jersey.

. 4 The production of Halloween was incredibly short.

The 20-day filming began in early 1978 and the film was released in October of the same year. The seasonal restraints posed some interesting hurdles to production – dozens of sacks of artificial leaves painted by production designer Tommy Lee Wallace were reused for various scenes. Others may notice that the trees lining the streets of the fictional Haddonfield are full green rather than autumnal. Originally, Carpenter also wanted to change the trees somehow, but budget constraints prevented him from getting them seasonally correct.

. 5 The Halloween Screenplay did not require a specific type of mask.

The mask for Michael Myers was described only as "the pale, neutral facial features of a man" and the film as a design. There were two options: both were cheap, white-painted latex masks, the Wallace in local toy stores for less than two Buys dollars per piece. One was a replica mask of a clown character called "Weary Willie," which was popularized by actor Emmett Kelly, and the other was an outstretched Captain Kirk mask from "Star Trek" (19459003). Carpenter opted for the whitewashed Kirk mask for its eerily blank look, which was perfect for the Myers character. &;

. 6 Carpenter named many of the characters in Halloween for acquaintances or influences.

Michael Myers came from British film distribution company Carpenter's previous film Assault on Precinct 13 in London, UK, while Laurie Strode is named after one of his ex-girlfriends. Tommy Doyle is named after a character from Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window and Sheriff Leigh Brackett is named after the science fiction novelist and screenwriter Leigh Brackett, who plays classics such as The Big Sleep, Rio Bravo wrote] and The Empire Strikes Back .

Seventh Halloween s iconic swimming P.O.V. The pictures were taken with a Panaglide camera rig.

The Panaglide was a competitor of the now ubiquitous Steadicam, with which the camera could be adapted to a cameraman to allow far-reaching and smooth shots. Carpenter loved it because he was able to record plenty of footage one day to make up for the movie's tiny budget of $ 300,000. Halloween was one of the first films to use Panaglide in addition to films such as Terrence Malick's Days of Heaven . View Dean Cundey's original camera tests for Halloween with the above rig.

. 8 A Halloween Figure was named after another famous movie character.

Donald Pleasence's character, dr. Sam Loomis was named after the character of the same name from Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho . Curtis's mother, Janet Leigh, joined Psycho as Sam Loomis & # 39; Girlfriend Marion and was killed in the famous shower scene of the film. For the Loomis character in Halloween Carpenter originally wanted either Peter Cushing or Christopher Lee, but both continued to give the film because the pay was too low. Pleasence was to appear in four sequels to Halloween and end with Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers which was released after his death in 1995.

. 9 Most Halloween's main cast provided their own wardrobe.

Curtis bought her costumes at JC Penney for less than $ 100.

10th The Thing made an appearance in Halloween .

One of the scary movies Lindsay Wallace watches on television is the 1951 version of The Thing (aka, The Thing from Another World ). Carpenter was later to redo The Thing in 1982, although his version is based more on the source material: a 1938 novella by John W. Campbell Jr. titled "Who Goes There?" [19659002]. 11 Michael Myers is played by three different actors.

Michael Myers was mainly played by actor Nick Castle, who was Carpenter's friend at the USC Film School and co-authored Carpenter's 1981 film. Escape from New York was also played on demand by production designer Tommy Lee Wallace. When Myers is exposed at the end of the film, he is played by actor Tony Moran, who later appeared on television shows such as The Waltons and CHiPS . Moran received $ 250 for a day's work and a single shot in Halloween .

12th The house of Myers was relocated in the 1980s.

Halloween Fans who wanted to see Myers' home at its original location were unlucky: in 1987, it was relocated from its location on 709 Meridian Avenue to the south of Pasadena, California, after the demolition was scheduled , The house is now at 1000 Mission Street in South Pasadena, and nowhere will it go. Known not only for its history as a historic landmark in the city of South Pasadena, but also because the house dates back to 1888, it is the oldest surviving residential building in the city.

. 13 At the time of filming, the house was really deserted.

The scenes in Myers' house, which looked dilapidated, were actually what the crew thought it was, and they turned it the way it is. It was not until the last setting on the last day of production (which is actually the first in the movie) that the entire crew gathered to paint the house and equip it with furniture to make it look alive.

] 14. Carpenter completed the entire score for Halloween in just three days.

The director usually makes all the music for his own films, and his theme for the film comes from a simple drum exercise for the bongos that his father had taught him as a child.

15th Carpenter later filmed new scenes.

To fill a two-hour window for Halloween Carpenter filmed additional scenes during the production of Halloween II (Carpenter was co-author and co-producer, but did not perform Directed by Donald Pleasence and Jamie Lee Curtis. The new scenes include Dr. Loomis at a hearing to review the detention of young Michael in the sanatorium and the confrontation with a young Michael in his room. Loomis discovers that Michael escapes and has the word "sister" at his door, and a worried Laurie, who asks her friend Lynda about the man she sees in her neighborhood.

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