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Best Halloween costumes for your dog

While trick or treating may look a little different this year, there’s no reason you (or your favorite pet) still can’t celebrate Halloween in style. To help you get into the scary spirit with your four-legged roommates, we’ve rounded up some of the best and cutest costumes for your dogs for 2020. Whether your little monster wants to pay homage to their favorite horror movie or just want to don a festive sweater, one of these costumes is guaranteed to get them an extra treat or two.

1. Taco Dog; $ 19- $ 20

Dogs and tacos are two of the most popular things on the internet. So why not combine them into one? This adorable costume features a sombrero headpiece and taco bodysuit that includes all of the necessary taco fixings like lettuce, cheese, meat, tomato and guac. The costume sizes range from small to XL. Whether your dog is best described as a mini taquito or a burrito, he̵

7;ll find a perfect Halloween fit.

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2. Wonder Woman and Superman; $ 15- $ 25

All dogs are superheroes, even if their bravest achievement is to greet you at the door when you get home. Your pet can show off their inner helper in one of these officially licensed costumes from DC Comics. The Wonder Woman costume has the characteristic emblem of the super heroine on the back. A cute tiara and tutu complete the look. The Superman costume comes with a dramatic cloak that is sure to get you an extra bone or two as you take your evening stroll.

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3. Hogwarts outfit; $ 15- $ 16

“You are a wizard, Sparky!” Impoosy’s Hogwarts-inspired costume takes the magic of Halloween to the next level. The set has an adjustable Velcro cape, striped tie and glasses for your pet to hug the inner boy who lived (lightning scar not included). As a fun bonus, the costume is available in four different colors so that your pet can stylishly flaunt its house colors … after trying on the sorting hat, of course.

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4. US Mail Carrier; $ 18- $ 19

If you’d rather dress up your dog as a real hero, try a U.S. postal worker. Postal workers deliver the mail despite the snow, rain and sleet, and this clever costume allows your pet to honor the workers who are as loyal as man’s best friend. The Mail Carrier ensemble by California Costume has a combined shirt and front leg section with attached “arms” that allow your dog to be delivered by Velcro. Show your appreciation for your dog’s service with a spoon of peanut butter (your real mail carrier might like this too).

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5. Any Star Wars costume; $ 6- $ 28

The Force will be with your four-legged friend this Halloween. Rubie’s Star Wars collection has all of your favorite characters, including R2-D2, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, Yoda and more. If your pet doesn’t just love dressing up for the holidays, the collection also includes smaller items like this Yoda ear headpiece so that they can get into their minds without getting up too full.

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6. Where’s Waldo ?; $ 25- $ 29

Your pet will stand out in this adorable Where’s Waldo in the crowd? Costume. This officially licensed set with Waldo’s iconic red and white striped sweater, hat and glasses is perfect for standing alone or for pairing with a two-legged person. The hat and felt glasses have an elastic chin strap and adjustable ear loops to keep your puppy stylish and comfortable all night. They may not wander through a crowd of 500 people like their literal counterpart, but at least they look great when socially distant.

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7. Fair Isle Halloween Sweater; $ 14- $ 16

Whether your pet wants to keep it casual this year or has an excuse to celebrate the entire month of October, the Fair Isle sweater from Frisco brings the “howling” into its Halloween look. The orange and black sweater is adorned with traditional Halloween imagery – ghosts, jack-o’-lanterns, skulls, cats, bats, and gravestones – that are far more adorable than creepy. The sweater also includes a linen hole so your furry buddy can show off his look both inside and outside the house.

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8. Pennywise; $ 18- $ 22

There’s nothing quite like playing with your pet, but this terrifying Pennywise costume might make you think twice. With its disgustingly cheerful tassels and buttons, orange wig and soft “balloon”, this costume might even scare you if your pet wears it too long. If It Check out these Freddy Kreuger and Chucky-inspired costumes to add some extra scare to your night out.

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9. Jack Skellington; $ 20- $ 22

This look is the opposite of a pre-Christmas nightmare. Disney’s officially licensed Jack Skellington costume from Rubie’s Costume Company highlights The Pumpkin King’s classic outfit, which includes a pinstripe jacket, bat bow tie, and headgear with a printed image of Jack’s smiling face. Despite Jack’s Christmas obsession, this look encompasses his trademark style. After all, this is Halloween.

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10. Headless Rider; $ 18

The legend of sleepy hollow is one of America’s most infamous ghost stories. Celebrate the beloved Washington Irving fairy tale by turning your pet into the Headless Horseman’s creepy accomplice. This is a great option for pets who may not like getting dressed, but are comfortable in simple thunder jackets or shirts. Simply fasten the cape around them with Velcro and the time has come! You are automatically the companion of a plush, headless terror (in which case the terror is relative).

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