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Best Gifts for Office Fans

There has been no new episode of The Office since 2013, but the fandom that surrounds the series shows no signs of slowing. It is still one of the most watched shows on Netflix, and many reports say it could one day land on NBC's new Peacock streaming platform. Another area where The Office lives and sells well. From T-shirts and funko pops to coloring books and home decor, there are plenty of opportunities for fans to show their Dunder Mifflin pride, and not just when they return to the show. So, if you're looking for a gift for a Office fan in your life or are just in the market to get a Dundie Award for your own coat. Here are 1

2 items that should fit into the bill.

. 1 "That's what she said" button; $ 16

It's a classic joke: Someone, a friend, or a relative may say something suggestive, and the only obvious answer is to shoot back with "That's what she said." This button takes over speaking for you – in the voice of Michael Scott. You'll never have to think long or hard about making a comeback with this unique gift (she said).

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2. Dundie Award; $ 19

Host your own Dundies ceremony with these pre-made trophies. You could also be the lucky recipient of the coveted "Whitest Sneakers" award (or the unfortunate recipient of the "Extreme Pepulsiveness" award). Bonus points when holding your ceremony in a chili restaurant.

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3. coloring; $ 10

Looking for something to look at while watching your favorite episodes of The Office ? Color it out! These five thematic coloring pages show an artistic reproduction of the Dunder Mifflin logo, a poster for Michael Scott's movie Threat Level Midnight and a picture of Jan's terribly smelling serenity candles.

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4. Punny crayons; $ 17

Of course, you'll need a set of themed crayons to match your theme-based coloring pages. This 12-pen set includes colors like "Scran-tan Strangler" and "That's What She Red".

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5. The World's Best Chef Mug; $ 14

Like Michael Scott, you can be the best boss in the world – at least in your own thoughts. Project the image of undeserved trust with this replica of Michael's cup.

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6. The Office: The Complete Series; $ 87

The show may be canceled by Netflix in 2020, but that does not mean that you can not relive your favorite moments of Office . In addition to all episodes, this set also includes Blooper roles, hours of deleted scenes, and more.

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7. Pack of 50 Office Sticker; $ 10

Decorate your laptop, mugs, water bottles and any other surface you think fit with the faces of your favorite characters from Office and ever-popular quotes like "I say" Dance & # 39; and "they say how high?" "and" I'm not superstitious, but a bit superstitious.

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8th Magnet Poetry; $ 24

Use these magnets to recreate your favorite quotes from the show, or you can mix them to compose your own masterpieces. Nothing is more inviting than "There are too many people on this earth; we need a new plague "to see on your fridge.

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9th Schrute Farms Sweatshirt; $ 26

Mosey in town wears this sweatshirt by Schrute Farms you could instead buy this baseball cap for $ 9.

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10th Party Quiz; $ 15

Put your impressions to the test in this game, in You play as your favorite characters from The Office and try to survive the Shenanigans on the show, you need five to 10 players for this game, so save it for a party – maybe you can Play at your Dundie awards ceremony

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11th Funko Pop Figure; $ 9

Collect all your favorite characters in funko-pop form, as well as Pam Beesly Jim Halpert, Dwight Schrute, Micha Buy el and Kevin Malone holding his unfortunate pot of chili in hand.

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12. Dunder Mifflin Lanyard; $ 11

Whether you're preparing for a office costume or just wanting to add a comical twist to everyday life, this lanyard will cater for all your needs. It comes with replica ID cards for Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute, which you can easily replace with your own work or student ID card for everyday use.

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