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Beloved characters saved behind the scenes by suggestions from the actor


in the Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsJason Isaacs came with Lucius Malfoy’s entire appearance

When the design of the studio for Lucius Malfoy reached Jason Isaacs, he was about as disappointed as the fans were when JK Rowling tweeted. Lucius should wear a pinstripe suit and short black and white hair, which sounds less Harry Potter and more Goodfellas. (“For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a Slytherin.”) Isaacs thought that Lucius would be someone who showered in his wizardry. After all, he’s supposed to be a eugenicist who despises muggles. So why should he dress like one? The guy should crank the magic up to 1

1 3/4.

Isaacs gave Malfoy a sumptuous wizarding robe and a long white wig. To keep his hair straight, he had to tilt his head back a little and end up looking down at everyone; Isaacs believes the snooty demeanor alone makes up about 50% of the character. To complete the outfit, he asked for a stick from which to theatrically pull his wand. Director Chris Columbus agreed and was sure the toy people would love it (they did).

Isaacs also wanted Lucius to sound like an intolerable snob, which was accomplished by combining two people: an English art critic whose voice was like fingernails to him on a blackboard and an old drama teacher who was cruel and condescending. The result is Malfoy’s trademark being wizard than you. Isaacs wanted the accent to express utter disdain for anyone who could not trace their wizarding lineage back to the founding of Hogwarts.

5 beloved characters saved behind the scenes by suggestions from the actor |  Lucius Malfoy looks like an idiot.

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At first Columbus didn’t like it because he didn’t think anyone was talking like that (which is an odd complaint about fictional wizards). Fortunately, Daniel Radcliffe thought it was dope, which led Columbus to decide, “Well, let’s try.” Even so, Columbus wasn’t really sold as he would ask Isaacs to shoot another take with a weaker version of the accent in each scene. He said it was just for safety and Isaacs should hold the accent back 80 to 90%. Issacs still doesn’t know which takes they actually used.


in the Batman returns, Michael Keaton made Batman calm and brooding

By doing Batman returns Bruce Wayne made so many speeches that he read like he was running for President of Batmanning. Michael Keaton found it strange pouncing on a character who normally speaks in Morse Code and hits the criminal’s skull. So he went to screenwriter Daniel Walters and pointed to the dialogue and said, “Hey, that’s a great line.” but you have to cut it. This is good speech, but you have to take it out. “He prevailed, and the result is that in the finished film Batman has less than half the lines he had in the script. When Walters saw the final product, he fully agreed with Keaton.

5 suggestions from actors who saved characters |  Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne looking at the bat signal

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