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Beastie Boys & # 39; sabotage & # 39; s; Video facts

With their raw mix of rock and hip-hop, the Beastie Boys were a band everyone could love. They also made killer music videos, and their 1994 video for "sabotage" is arguably one of the biggest in the history of the medium. Directed by Spike Jonze and inspired by 70's cop shows, "Sabotage" finds the beasties in cheesy suits, wigs and mustaches romping around LA like a bunch of bootleg starskys and hatches. If you were alive in the 90s, you've seen "sabotage" a million times, but there's a lot you may not know about this iconic video.

. 1 It all started with a photo shoot.

Spike Jonze met the Beastie Boys when he photographed them in the early 1

990s for the magazine Dirt . The band showed its own concept. "Beastie Boy Adam Horovitz had talked for years of taking a photo session as undercover cops – wearing ties and false mustaches and sitting in a car as if we were on a stakeout," Adam told "MCA" Yauch New York magazine. Jonze loved the idea so much that he went along when the Beasties wigs went shopping. "Then, while he was taking the pictures, he wore that blond wig and mustache all the time," Yauch said. "For no apparent reason." Thus a friendship arose which sabotage.

. 2 Spike Jonze filmed "sabotage" without permission.

The Beasties were not big fans of high-budget music videos with many people on set. So they asked Jonze to hire a few assistants and run the entire production from a delivery van. "Then we ran around LA without permission and did everything," MCA said New York . You're lucky that the real bulls never showed up.

. 3 The Beastie Boys were all doing their own stunts.

After watching VHS tapes from The Streets of San Francisco and other 1970s cop shows, the Beasties knew they needed some sweet chase scenes. "We bought a car that was about to die," Mike D told Vanity Fair . "We just drove the car ourselves. We almost killed the car a couple of times, but we definitely did not get close to killing each other.

4. "Sabotage" inspired the opening sequence of Trainspotting .

Danny Boyle's 1996 film Trainspotting begins famously with Ewan McGregor and his friends passing through the streets of Edinburgh In the DVD commentary Boyle revealed that the scene was inspired by "sabotage."

5 Two cameras were damaged in the production of "sabotage."

"Sabotage" was supposed to be a low-budget business – and that would have been the case if Jonze had handled his rented cameras a little more cautiously, destroying a Canon Scoopic rather than the Ziploc case he used to carry the camera He apparently told the rental agency that the camera was not working alone, but he was less fortunate when an Arriflex SR3 fell from a van window Stopped $ 84,000 and tripled the cost of the video.

. 6 MCA has crashed the stage of the MTV Video Music Awards to protest the hiring of "sabotage".

At the MTV VMAs in 1994, "Sabotage" was nominated for five awards, including "Video of the Year". In one of the great injustices of all time it lost in all five categories. As "Everybody Hurts" by R.E.M. was named best director, MCA marched on stage as Nathanial Hörnblowér, his Swiss uncle / filmmaker alter ego. "Ever since I was a little boy, I had dreamed Spike would win this," MCA said as a confused Michael Stipe watched. "Now this has happened, and I want to tell everyone that this is a farce, and I had the ideas for Star Wars and everything."

. 7 In honor of the fallen musician and filmmaker, artist Derek Langille created a seven-page comic book titled "Sabotage" after the death of MCA in 2012. You can download it here for free.

. 8 There is also a "sabotage" novel.

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of "Sabotage," Oakland-based author and Beasties superfan Jeff Gomez wrote a five-act novel inspired by the video. He spent months researching police films and real police languages, watching "sabotage" about 100 times, keeping a detailed table of all the actions on screen. "They've created a really great universe, and I just wanted to play around in it a bit," Gomez told PBS.

. 9 There is a "sabotage" / Sesame Street mashup on YouTube.

In 2017, YouTuber, also known as Adam Schleichkorn, created the video "Sesametage," a reinterpretation of "sabotage" with edited pieces from Sesame Street . It plays Big Bird as himself, The Count as Cochese and Oscar the Grouch as Bobby, "The Rookie". Super Grover, Telly, Cookie Monster and Bert and Ernie also appear in this hilarious parody.

10th "Sabotage" was almost a kind of movie.

Jonze and the Beasts had such an explosion when they made "sabotage" that they wrote a screenplay for the feature film "We Can Do This" (19459006). The film they quit later was to feature MCA in two roles: Sir Stuart Wallace, one of his "sabotage" characters, and Nathaniel Hörnblowér (whom he portrayed during the 1994 VMA protests). Jonze told IndieWire that the film was "ridiculous and funny", which sounds like the understatement of the century. "There were no police officers of the 1970s, but it was definitely the same," he said.

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