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Baseball is dead. Again. | Cracked.com

It’s not unkind to say that America’s national sport, the ball of bases, isn’t the most exciting sport. Baseball was originally developed in 1839 to provide a place for athletes to chew tobacco. But at the beginning of the 20th century these were few.

How much can baseball, a game you imagine in black and white anyway, change in a century? A little and for the better. At the beginning of the 20th century, baseball entered a time best known as the dead ball era. During the dead ball era, baseballs were not yet regulated and many pitchers only made their own which led to it changing and unpredictable balls. The most impotent self-guided leaders of the time couldn’t hit even more than 10 homers all seasonand the average game saw a whopping 0.13 of them. A 36-year-old Barry Bonds managed to complete 73 home races in a single season in 2001.

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A league record that he only shares with his favorite teammate anabolic steroids.

But the era of the dead balls also happened because the players who couldn’t juggle those weird balls were less focused on fending off large explosions and more on playing it safe and getting to first base. For this they have left themselves Moneyball-Similar strategies like stealing bases, banging and boring everyone to sleep so that even swelling orchestral music can’t wake them up.

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