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Barometer Frau (Barometer) from the time, 1976

11. May 2020

A philosophy student interested in critical theory, politics and art. Alias ​​by Jelena Martinović.

Salvador Dalí one of the most famous, interesting, eccentric and most discussed personalities in art history, combining avant-garde themes with academic style and paving the way for generations of artists to come. As a truly productive artist, he produced surrealistic works on canvas and works on paper for reproduction with drypoint, etching, woodcut and lithography. His visual language, personal behavior and public behavior remain bizarre, fascinating and inspiring.

On his 1

12th birthday we bring together a selection of Dalí works on paper that you can add to your collection.

Selected image: Salvador Dali – Adam and Eve from the homage to an Albrecht Dürer Suite (detail), 1971. All images courtesy of the respective galleries.

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