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Barbados v Grenada 1994: One of the strangest games in football history

Almost three decades ago, in January 1994, the world of football had one of its strangest moments in history. It was when Barbados beat Grenada 4-2 in qualifying, but that doesn’t nearly tell the whole story. In fact, they had to defend both nets to achieve this! We’ll explain in a moment.

An oddball group consisting of 3 teams

In 1994, the Caribbean Cup had three teams competing in Group A to survive. Barbados̵

7; last game was against Grenada, but no normal win would be enough. In fact, they only had to win by two goals (or more) to qualify. On the other hand, a normal win would have been enough for Grenada and even a loss of one goal would have done the job just as well.

The strange penalty-shooting rule

Before the tournament was in full swing, CONCACAF came up with an experiment and one of the strangest rules yet: ending a qualifying match in a draw was not an option. If instead a winner is not determined after 90 minutes, the game would extend into overtime or be decided by a penalty shootout.

Here’s the part where it gets juicy: whoever scores a golden goal gets a 2-on-1 deal. In other words, not only would they be declared the winners, they would get two goals instead of one. It goes without saying that this small detail played a vital role in Barbados’ strategy.

Everything looked fine and fine up to the 83rd minute

Previously, Barbados had a comfortable 2-0 lead. But in the 83approx In the minute, Grenada managed to score a point. While they were still ahead, a 2-1 win would thwart Barbados’ plans as it wasn’t good enough to qualify. They pushed hard to score another goal, but when the game ended there was no goal in sight. Then they realized they needed a different strategy.

Scoring a goal consciously

Sealy, a Barbados defender, was the one who came up with the plan to score a goal on purpose. This essentially allowed them to artificially increase the result to 2-2, which gave them the chance to seal the game with a two-goal advantage made possible by the weird penalty shootout rule in effect that year. In total, they were given 30 minutes more time to carry out the plan.

Barbados was forced to defend both networks

The events that played out painted a picture of something unique and never before in the history of football. Grenada were now trying to score either an own goal or a real goal and Barbados were forced to defend both nets. Let’s call it chaotic, but still Barbados did its job. Of course, the game went into extra time. After just 4 minutes, they sealed the deal and finished the game on a glorious 4-2, allowing them to advance in the tournament.

A unique moment in the history of football

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