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Apple FaceTime Bug allows callers to get in front of you before they answer their call

Drop your selfie stick and stationary tripod. A new interactive mount for your smartphone can be rotated 360 °, allowing you to track every movement so you can play in your own movie or take creative photos without recruiting a cameraman.

The gadget called Pivo is one of the latest products making smartphone photography and videography more seamless. The device can be activated by snapping your fingers, saying "cheese" or tapping a button on the remote or companion app. It has a few sophisticated shooting modes that you can not use to edit video later. [19659002] In Versus mode, you can quickly swivel between two subjects at set times. This is ideal for recording rap battles or debating videos, according to the makers of Pivo. You can also capture fast motion video in motion, allowing you to rotate the camera 1

20 °, 180 ° or 360 ° to capture more of your surroundings.

It's not just for videos. In panorama mode, you can shoot a wide-angle image without worrying about accidentally moving your photo. "No more unnatural photo engraving with double heads or missing arms," ​​promises the company. Another feature called ManyMe helps you create an army of clones by capturing still images of you in different parts of the image and then combining them into a single photo.

Any smartphone can be connected to Pivo, and it works with both iOS and Android. As the ProVideo Coalition notes, the device is "a true Swiss Army knife to take your smartphone photography to a new level."

Pivo is currently on pre-order for $ 79 at Indiegogo, and orders are expected to be delivered in May.

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