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An Affair Down – A Crime Averted (Bitcoin Part One)

Bitcoin is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, cryptocurrencies. Over the years, a few millionaires emerged, such as Erik Finman, a teenager who invested $ 1,000, and Kristoffer Koch, who bought bitcoins for the small price of $ 26. This small investment made him a millionaire with over 5,000 bitcoins.

Some experts say 2020 is the new 201

7, which has been a great year for Bitcoin. If all goes well, Bitcoin investors will have another good year, which means another Bitcoin revolution is taking place. The whole idea of ​​a cryptocurrency is revolutionary because it offers people a currency that they can access anywhere without having to rely on banks and other financial institutions.

This type of relationship has both advantages and disadvantages. Criminals and even terrorists use Bitcoin as a means of financing their illegal campaigns. People have used Bitcoin for other shameful needs too. One such example is the case of Tina Jones.

The 33-year-old was a nurse and worked at the Loyola Medical University Clinic. While working there, she started an affair with one of her employees. Both were married, but Jones wanted more than just an office with her lover. The lover, however, didn’t want to do anything with Jones anymore, so he broke the relationship.

In a fit of anger, Tina tried to have his wife murdered and she decided to do it by hiring a killer. The dark web is the perfect place to find such a person, and it has often been monitored by special investigative agencies to keep crime on a leash.

Using a dark web browser to hide her identity, she came across the Sicilian Hitman International Network while looking for an organization to take care of her need for a particular service. After finding the right website, she bought the Bitcoin service worth $ 12,000.

When the time came to do nothing, nothing happened because the Sicilian Hitman International Network was a fake. She was cheated and the evidence of her attempted murder ended up in the hands of the law. She pleaded guilty and is now serving a 12-year sentence for her crime.

According to reports, she used the dark web browser and chose Bitcoin to remain anonymous. However, transactions made through this currency do not hide the identity of individuals. The system behind Bitcoin keeps track of all transactions and the people who execute them. This information was critical to the arrest of Tina Jones.

Fortunately, everything ended well when no one killed anyone and the perpetrator was caught. In a way, it’s good that the website was fake. Otherwise Jones would have ended up in prison longer. All in all, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are as good and useful as the people who use them.

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