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America’s extremely stupid history of falling for endless energy scams

Shrapnel scurried through the crowd, turning the quiet parking lot into a screaming carnage. One person died and many more were mutilated. Papp sued Feynman over the explosion, while Feynman alleged Papp planted a bomb to destroy his own machine and defraud his financiers. The dispute was settled out of court and Papp took millions of investors to develop his engine. Unfortunately, a mysterious obstacle always seemed to arise just before he was about to quit his job and repay all of her money. Once he got dazed with one Bullet in his shoulder, apparently been kidnapped. Another time someone is said to have broken into the laboratory and sabotaged its machine. Usually he blamed Big Oil, although we don’t think the mighty Ra should be ruled out.

Also attacked by mysterious problems was Arnold Burke, a Bible-suspect Texan advertiser who persuaded one of the country’s largest dairy cooperatives to invest $ 150,000 in a constantly moving hydroelectric plant called Jeremiah 33: 3. Burke, who wore an eye patch until miraculously regained his eyesight during a faith healing ceremony, claimed his machine was only 50 cents fat to run for a year. However, when it came time to reveal the device, Burke only made excuses until the choppy dairy’s interest waned and they pulled out of the business. It all resulted in a high profile lawsuit that went off the rails when the assistant attorney general noticed a hidden wire running into the machine. The entire courtyard quickly jumped up and followed the wire around the courthouse until they discovered a battery hidden under a bunk.

Burke wasn’t the only one to combine religion with the power of constant movement. Most notable was a Swiss named Paul Baumann who claimed to have seen a divine vision while in prison for child molestation in the 1950s. Baumann founded a religious community called Methernitha in the Swiss mountains, where he supposedly perfected a device for perpetual movement called the Testatika. The community keeps the device top secret, although free energy believers occasionally visit it. A Bulgarian physicist reportedly even joined the group to learn the secrets of the device but failed to convince them to share it with the world and eventually jumped to their deaths from a library window at the University of Graz.

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So has a guy trying to uncover a cult’s secret energy machine mysteriously killed himself at a historic European university? Has Dan Brown been informed?

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