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Amazon's Alexa can help you find misplaced articles

Amazon's Alexa speech recognition device may be the most useful home-grown artificial intelligence device to date. Although it has a variety of capabilities, there is a lesser-known feature that could reinforce this reputation: According to Lifehacker, users can ask Alexa for help if their car keys, wallets or glasses are missing. All it takes is a little intent.

If you tend to misplace items, it's helpful to tell Alexa where to leave something important. For example, putting your car keys on a table near the back door can make things worse hours later. However, if you tell Alexa that you are just dropping it off, the device may remind you to look for it the next time. Just ask, "Alexa, where did I put my car keys?"

Of course, it helps to tell where you've placed an item aloud, and you may not have to ask Alexa at all. The trick is probably more useful for items in the long-term camp than for things you pick up and drop daily. If you tell Alexa your tape measure is in the top drawer, you can avoid it if you do not grab it for weeks. The same applies to reading glasses, light bulbs or other things that you will eventually have to find.

Maybe it's not quite the future we were promised, but it might come in handy. Here are 1

1 other products that work with Alexa to obey your orders if the memory is faulty or not.

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