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. 7 September 2019

Balasz Takac is also known as Vladimir Bjelicic, who is actively engaged in art criticism, curatorial and artistic practice.

Although times have changed and certain aspects of the race question ] have been altered and shaped to legally protect any colored person like the white, the current atmosphere in the United States is in relation to this topic Not bright at all.

After centuries of exploitation and segregation, black artists from the 1960s began creating daring socially engaged works that were most commonly expressed through photography and largely due to empowerment were due to the civil rights movement. In the meantime, government-imposed hatred and organized violence subsided, and the generations of the 1

980s had examples to look up to. Her position became even more politically articulated as she coincided with the new discourse on the basis of the historical critique of colonialism .

During this time, the extraordinary photographer Carrie Mae Weems who managed to build a successful photographic career based primarily on the investigations of black identity and the resulting socio-political implications . Through the combination of text, images, material, audio, digital images, installation and video and the artist's commitment as a subject and performer, a striking and recognizable work has been created reminiscent of the themes of power, class, race and gender. Her black-and-white photographs presented in series show the artist's critically oriented art revealing inequalities and all areas of humanity .

Currently exhibited in the Goodman Gallery in Johannesburg (until October 7, 2019 ) is a kind of retrospective of Weems entitled Over Time . It contains some of her most-featured series that summarize her focus and the way she smoothly dissects the past to speak about the present.

To help you understand the upcoming exhibition, we have decided to show seven amazing photo series by Weems in their more than two decades of career, with a focus on the newer one.

Editor's Tip: Carrie Mae Weems: Kitchen Table Series

Kitchen Table Series is the first release exclusively for this early one and important work by American artist Carrie Mae Weems. The 20 photographs and 14 text panels that make up the kitchen table series tell the story of a woman's life as performed in the intimate environment of her kitchen. The kitchen, one of the most important areas of domesticity and the traditional domain of women, frames their story, revealing their relationships with lovers, children, friends and their own self-confidence in their different projections of strength and vulnerability. Aloofness, tenderness and loneliness.

Selected pictures: Carrie Mae Weems – Slow Fade to Black, Set II, 2009-10. Inkjet on paper (a group of 17 images), 13 x 10 1/8 inches (each framed). Edition of 3; Carrie Mae Weems – Color Real and Imagined, 2014. Archive pigment with screen printed color blocks. Work: 76.2 x 116.8 cm. Frame: 100 x 140 x 4 cm. Issue of 10. All images courtesy of the Goodman Gallery.

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