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Al Pacino stars in bad movies hoping to do well

Al Pacino has been a pretty good actor for a long time when most people who read and write this were alive. And if you've mastered a craft like him, you'll eventually have to find new ways to challenge yourself, or risk being bored. This explains why many of the films that Al Pacino has made over the last 15 or 20 years have failed to live up to his abilities. That's because, according to Pacino, he sometimes takes on roles in films that he knows will shit, just to see if he's good enough to sort it out of total rubbish. (He said, "I'm starting to make films that are not really good and trying to improve them, and that has become my challenge.")

That's a hell of a challenge, so I decided that Crack numbers to see if he had reached his goal. What's fascinating is that you actually see the point where he stopped taking care of good movies.

From the beginning of his film career in the early '70s until the mid-'90s, everything was damned damn well rated, fresh or approved fresh on rotten tomatoes. But right here, right now, I retroactively claim that the 90s were the decade of Al Pacino. It began with Dick Tracy then Godfather, Part Three both classified as above-average films that can be said to have been singled out by Pacino's presence. But then, between 1

992 and 1995, he experienced an insane hot phase: Glengarry Glen Ross Scent of a Woman Carlito's Way and Heat – all in one Essentially released one after the other, all with 86 or better.

  Al Pacino or the wise hermit, who meets after a shipwreck on an island. Erik Voake / Getty Al Pacino or the wise hermit who meets after a shipwreck on an island.

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