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Air Fryer, Mattress and More Post-Labor Day Sale

Another Labor Day might be on the books, but you can still take advantage of some great deals on mattresses, air fryers, and more by using code MFSAVE15. The code, which expires on September 9th, can save you an additional 15 percent on the products listed below.

1. Yaasa One mattress; $ 467 (with code MFSAVE15)

This mattress features a cooling Infinity foam that provides both contoured and snuggly support, with an emphasis on breathability so you won’t easily overheat in the middle of the night. And because of the unique design of the Yaasa, it can be used on any surface without the need for a box spring.

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2. Paula Deen 9.5 liter family size air fryer; $ 1
19 (with code MFSAVE15)

You’ve probably heard the hype about air fryers, and now you can try one for yourself with this model recommended by Paula Deen. The family-sized basket roasts, bakes, roasts and even heats up for up to 10 people. The non-stick ceramic coating makes it easy to clean after meals and there are cooking tips right on the oven so that you know the best temperature for french fries, meat and pizza just by looking at the lid.

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3. Gourmia coffee machine with built-in grinder; $ 85 (with code MFSAVE15)

After disrupting your daily trip to the local coffee shop next to your office, you’ve likely figured out how your coffee just doesn’t pile up at home. This Gourmia coffee maker is a first class alternative to prepare you that fresh cup of barista quality joe that you have missed before. This model even has a built-in grinder that allows you to experiment with different beans to get the perfect frosting.

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4.5-in-1 air purifier with HEPA filter $ 93 (with code MFSAVE15)

This five-in-one air purifier can improve your home’s air quality by capturing 99.97 percent of the dust and allergens that lurk around every corner. The four built-in filters and the negative ion generator capture and neutralize contaminants such as dust mites, smoke, pollen, animal hair and viruses in the air.

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5. Theorylamp Circular LED Light; $ 85 (with code MFSAVE15)

This modern LED lamp has seven different colors, six lighting modes and four brightness levels, resulting in more than 150 combinations to choose from. That means you can adjust your lighting to practically any mood you’re in with the push of a button.

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6. Bibb Home Down Alternative Microfiber Comforter; $ 34 (with code MFSAVE15)

This hypoallergenic duvet is perfect for the person who wants to sleep in a cloud all four seasons. It is filled with a down alternative made of polyester, which is cozy in winter and light enough to be covered in summer.

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7. Sukasu Osami Japanese 3-piece chef’s knife set; $ 34 (with code MFSAVE15)

If you’ve seen shows like Top chef This summer, you’ve probably realized for hours that your kitchen is seriously lacking in impressive cutting and dicing tools. To add to your collection cheaply, opt for these Sukasu Osami knives that have the handle and sharp blade that any professional chef would expect, at a price that an aspiring chef will love.

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8. Foot Vibe Deluxe Massage Footrest; $ 127 (with code MFSAVE15)

Take a load with this luxurious 20-speed foot massager to soothe your aching feet and calves. This thing goes in there like a human masseuse, with vibrations reaching toes and arches for thorough friction. With nine massage settings to choose from, you are likely to find the perfect one to relieve your foot problems.

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9. Sleep Yoga Multi-Position Body Pillow and Cover; $ 51 (with code MFSAVE15)

This three-part pillow can be brought into any position you need for improved lumbar support and posture. Side sleepers can put it between their legs at night and then lean it against the couch the next day while they work from their laptop. In a WFH world, everything revolves around individual comfort.

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10. Bamboo Comfort 4-piece luxury full leaf set; $ 25 (with code MFSAVE15)

Improved bedding is the ultimate adult icon. This hypoallergenic microfiber and bamboo set will give you a cozy and cool sleep that stays wrinkle-free and keeps its color (the kind of thing that adults care).

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The sale ends on September 9, 2020. Prices subject to change.

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