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After 20 years, the ‘X-Men’ film franchise added up to nothing

On August 28, the long-running graduation film in Fox’s X-Men film franchise, New mutants, will appear in theaters where I assume someone might see it at some point. It’s the 13th film in a franchise that has lasted 20 years and that we started doing back in 2000 X-Men. That’s eight years before the Marvel Cinematic Universe took over the world and forever changed the way we make superhero films (and their many, many sequels). That is also eight years ago The dark knight came out and we decided as a culture that maybe some of these Mask-n-Cape adventures were worth some major accolades. Hell, it was two years ago Spider ManThis was the first film to gross over $ 100 million in a single weekend. This record ensured that no year would go by without at least one spandex clad hero on the big screen.

Yet it’s hard to feel sad or even nostalgic about it. The X-Men Franchise had a strange habit of fading in and out of relevance, usually relying on Hugh Jackman consuming a maddened amount of chicken and rice and returning an even more shredded glutton than before to revive interest.

Left: Hugh Jackman – Right: Giant Jackedman

In retrospect, it seems less like the ironclad determination of creative visionaries to keep it afloat and exciting than it is more like Fox’s fortunate ability to cling to the characters’ film rights. But now Twentieth Century became, as everything will be, from Disney and Fox New mutants, a film that should have been out about half a dozen times, is finally being tacitly launched.

But let’s look back at the beginning. The first film is a mix matrix-era action scenes and confident “If you think this comic book stuff is silly, we think it’s silly too, but if you think it’s cool then we think it’s kind of cool” humor you can still be found from in the MCU. X2 is rightly pretty good, with its opening sequence of Nightcrawler attacking the White House …

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