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Accuse Stanley Kubrick of ruining the Matrix sequels

They openly hate matrix Sequels is the glue that holds Gen X together. After the revolutionary experience of The matrix, Matrix reloaded and specially, The matrix: revolutions, was a huge disappointment, hampered by strange action choices, wooden performances, and the kind of CGI that defies gravity, pulling you out of the scenes with the uncomfortable speed of a thousand Agent Smith clones. And since millions are still wondering what went wrong, insiders agree that the mistake is right on the shoulder of the screenwriter – especially the screenwriter of The glow.

In the cinematography podcast Team Deakins, the most important listening session for people who insist that their names end with ASC, the cameraman Bill Pope spoke openly about his experience at the matrix Trilogy. In particular, turning the sequels was both “mind numbing and soul numbing”

;. Comparison of the strenuous 272-day production of back-to-back sequels with The Hobbit Trilogy (never a compliment) Pope claims that the newly discovered perfectionism of the Wachowski sisters made the experience a kind of “torture”. “There was a lot of friction and a lot of personal problems, and it showed up on the screen, to be honest,” said the man, who had to miss his child’s song recitals for a year to make the cave rave look sweaty like possible.

For this stressful experience, Pope blames not only the Wachowskis, but also the interference of Stanley Kubrick. A strange twist, especially since the visionary filmmaker died in the same year as the original matrix has been released. (Also a perfect alibi, you could say). But it wasn’t the stunning director himself, it was his stunning method of making endless takes that ruined it Reloaded and Revolutions. The Pope claims that “the Wachowskis had read this damned book by Stanley Kubrick that said, ‘Actors don’t do natural performances until you wear them out.'” So the cast and crew had to search for truth one after the other …

Accuse Stanley Kubrick of ruining the Matrix sequels

… and natural reactions …

Accuse Stanley Kubrick of ruining the Matrix sequels

… in the matrix. Instead, trying to give two films about gothics that download kung fu into their noggins such an over-perfectionist mood only seems to affect the “free” creative approach that characterizes the original, grumbles the Pope. And it is indeed difficult to name a Wachowski character from her later projects, who also does not have the boring, tired look of an actor who is forced to say the stupidest science fiction lines two hundred times in a row – with some notable exceptions.

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