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A polar vortex could bring snow in May

Last weekend, residents of Lake Hamburg woke up in New York and found that their neighborhood had been turned into a scale replica of the ice-covered kingdom of Frozen Arendelle.

According to CNN storm winds generated huge waves that sprayed houses along Lake Erie with water for two days and covered them with layers of ice up to three feet thick.

"It looks wrong, it looks surreal," said Ed Mis of Hamburg told CNN. "It's dark inside my house. It can be a little scary, a little scary."

While the homeowners are concerned about the melting of the ice, they are also concerned about what could happen if it happened.

"We are concerned about integrity because of the weight on the roof when the structure starts to melt," Mis said.

He added that this is the worst ice coating he has had since moving to the The area was seen eight years ago – but not because you had a particularly harsh winter. In fact, the opposite is true. According to The Detroit News warm winter temperatures have caused ice cover on the big ones Lakes has dropped from 67 percent in 2019 to less than 20 percent this year.

“Lake Erie generally has significant ice cover at this time of year, and this protects the coast from these violent storms, ”said the weather channel's winter weather expert, Tom Niziol, in a video.

The phenomenon also created another unforeseen problem for the Hamburg coast: tourism. The local police department released a message on Facebook on Sunday, March 1, asking people to keep both the "extremely unsafe and unstable" ice and people's private property away.

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