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A man cycled from Poo Poo Point, Washington to Pee Pee Creek, Ohio

Earlier this month, near Zurich, Switzerland, Lindt unveiled its sparkling new chocolate museum, which happens to be the largest chocolate museum in the world. The Lindt Home of Chocolate doesn’t have a Willy Wonka-like chocolate flow, but its nearly 30-foot-tall chocolate fountain is almost as adorable.

According to Time outAround 1500 liters of cocoa soup cascade from the golden whisk to the massive LINDOR truffle and back again. Although only allowed to enjoy it from afar, at the end of the tour you can sample some of Lindt’s delicious products in the tasting room. But first you will find out how the magic happens: There is a state-of-the-art research facility with a production line on the site that keeps visitors in view.

There is also an exhibition that traces chocolate through history, shows how the Swiss pioneered chocolate, and shows the journey of cocoa from plantations in Ghana to factories in Switzerland. Along the way, you might learn a trade secret or two from one of the world̵

7;s top chocolate makers.

“The Lindt Home of Chocolate is the home of the renowned master chocolatiers who are now opening their doors and inviting guests to immerse themselves in the fantastic world of chocolate,” said a press release from the company.

The project was funded by the Lindt Chocolate Competence Foundation, which aims to promote the global heritage of Swiss confectionery.

“The Lindt Home of Chocolate will play an important role in securing Switzerland’s position as a chocolate country in the long term and will contribute to the transfer of knowledge throughout the industry,” said Ernst Tanner, President of the Lindt Chocolate Competence Foundation, said in a press release.

The museum will also play an important role in satisfying the sweet tooth of any chocolate lover who wallows through the doors, as the accompanying Lindt chocolate shop is the largest in the world.

[h/t Time Out]

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