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A-Holes sell mesh face masks on Etsy

The logic of wearing a face mask is very simple. When you sneeze, the mask prevents the sneezing particles from hitting other people. This is important because if you have COVID-19, these sneezing particles can easily make someone sick. It is a concept that is so fundamental that it complies with the principles that could be taught to a preschooler, such as why poop goes to the bathroom and not everywhere in the nap corner. Why do real adults buy these:

These are mesh face masks, and they’re about as effective at stopping a sneeze as a mesh diaper is at preventing ongoing diarrhea from splashing on the floor and getting over your classmates. It seems that the people who buy these masks recognize this fact because if you look at the comment section you will see that someone mentions that they are wearing them for “compliance”

;. They know the masks are ineffective, but they wear them so they don’t turn away from Trader Joe’s.

Why can’t you just put on a normal mask when you bother putting on a net mask? Maybe it’s because they feel The uncomfortable when inhaled. Maybe it’s because they want to smell the Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter in its entirety. I would be fine for some reason if I assume that the risk that you have taken with a fishing net attached to your face is up to you. The problem is the risk for us.

A-Holes sell mesh face masks on Etsy

As you can see from this CDC table, surgical masks (and most masks worn by ordinary people) are not intended to protect the wearer from airborne particles. It says: “Does NOT offer the wearer reliable protection against the inhalation of small particles in the air and is not considered breathing protection.” Our respiratory protection only happens when the people around us wear a mask. You could call this with proper hygiene. Some of you might say, “Well, you can’t control the people around you; you can only control yourself.” This is true. But I would also argue that if we can convince the majority of the population not to shit where they stand to improve society, then we should start teaching.

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