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A film about a guy who kills Hitler and Bigfoot

If there's anything good about the current revival of the 80's (and there's only one, until those sweet Wall Street suspenders make their comeback), then it's the 80s-style movie's return, that kind of High-concept pulp does not allow silly things like realism or logic to stand in the way of good times. And how can the coming The man who killed Hitler and the big foot with Sam Elliot be described as said man? It sounds like the totally radical baby of Inglorious Basterds and Sharknado all rolled in …


Hmm …


True. It turns out that The man who killed Hitler and then The Bigfoot (at the theaters on February 8th), does not feature John Carpenter inspired comedy. [1969007] Adventure, but a surprisingly straightforward action drama. Elliott plays a soldier who ended World War II by secretly murdering Adolf Hitler for his crimes against humanity and his mustaches. Forty years later, his old bones are retired for one final mission: to kill Bigfoot, who carries a terrible plague that could wipe out humanity, we need to check something again.


The first author and director Robert Krzykowski has not just made a movie about killing monsters. He made a movie about in which he killed monsters. Even the trailer plays with it, starting with sweet guitar licks and Elliott, who gets all of Jack Reacher into a lot of street thugs. But then it comes to the pulp and pumps the brakes unnaturally, instead of going full throttle.

In fiction, monsters (human or otherwise) tend to be defeated only. This is how action works. First, the hero defeats a bunch of biddy monsters, then he defeats a very hard, but narrative-relevant monster, then back to the Biddy, until he defeats the big evil monster directly from a skyscraper. If John McClane was good enough in the '80s, it's good enough for us now.

But in TMWKHATTB Elliott's character suffers from being a hero who kicked bad things in the teeth grounds, but then getting old still has the horrible memories of those teeth kicks. And if you can not kill a figurative monster that deserves it, what happens to you when you kill a literal monster whose only crime is sick and really bad at posing for photos?

As long as the jury is still there As far as the quality of the film is concerned, it's nice to see a comeback of the allegory of the old school, where an exaggerated myth is used to bring more subtle themes about human nature home. Of course that does not mean that The man who killed Hitler and then The Bigfoot is not a fun ride either. After all, Hitler is once again shot in the face. And that always feels good … as long as we do not have to be the one pulling the trigger.

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