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9 top social media platforms your business should be on

Social media is different for every company. There is no one size fits all marketing, including social media marketing.

However, there are certain channels that your audience uses that you expect to use. There are also certain channels through which you can reach potential new customers or customers.

Read on to find out which social media platforms your company should be operating on and how they can help your company.

What are the different social media platforms?

It can be difficult to decide which channels you want to be present on. A lot of thought is required to find out which platforms are most profitable and effective for your business.

There are a number of platforms used by humans, including:

1. Facebook

2. Twitter

3 . LinkedIn

4. Instagram

5. Pinterest

6. Snapchat

7. Google+

8. Foursquare

9. YouTube.

But you don't have to be with everyone, you can choose a handful that suits your business.

Companies choose platforms where they know that many of their target groups, for example, Facebook has 2.44 billion active users per month, which means that a large proportion of their customers or customers are likely to use Facebook. If you analyze the monthly active Facebook users you can use the demographics to determine whether your target group is on this platform. and whether you have to be there too.

However, there are many other platforms and other social media channels that are currently being manufactured. Always keep an eye out for new opportunities to achieve more from your audience.

How do you decide which platform is suitable for your company?

One way you can find out which channels your company needs to be present by analyzing your customers and which ones they use the most. According to Forbes, Facebook and Twitter are mainly used by millennials Pinterest is mainly used by female millennials and young baby boomers, while Snapchat is mainly used by Generation Z.

Another way you can decide which platforms you want to be on depends on what you can offer your audience. You don't have an effective social media strategy and you can't reach your audience with content they don't care about. Each platform uses a different type of content to connect with different audiences. For example, you can't post a blog on YouTube, but you can turn your blog content into an informative YouTube video.

The good news is that your content is customizable across all platforms. So if you are a small craft company, you can create blogs for your audience to help them design their own gifts. You can then turn these blogs into entertaining, informative videos that you can post on YouTube.

Remember, your audience wants to either be entertained, informed, or taught. If your content on one of your channels doesn't represent these three crucial factors, this platform may not be suitable for your company.

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