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9 great puzzles to celebrate National Puzzle Day

January 29th is National Puzzle Day and there is no better way to celebrate than to get your hands on a brand new puzzle. Here are just a few of the great options available on Amazon and elsewhere on the Internet, from one of the world's biggest puzzles to a galactic puzzle that can go on forever. Happy Puzzles Find more ideas in our puzzle puzzle fanatic gift guide.

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Bepuzzled's 3D puzzles provide food for thought in 42 different forms. We believe that this translucent Saturn riddle is out of this world (and many readers of Mental Floss seem to agree), but Bepuzzled also offers puzzles in the similarity of birds, animals, fruits, vehicles, and other common objects, if any Snow fuses owl or a bunch of violet grapes is your speed.

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3 and these other dealers:

For real puzzle experts, 500 or 1000 piece puzzles are just warming up. Educa's wildlife puzzle is one of the largest commercially available puzzles in the world. It has an incredible 33,600 parts and measures almost 45 x 30 cm when completed. It's so big that it comes in a box-sized wooden box on wheels for easy transportation. (With so many parts you may be worried about misplacing one or two of them, so you can not fully fill the picture, but do not worry – Educa has the policy of replacing pieces that are lost in his riddles.) [19659004] Get it from Amazon for $ 325 or at these other dealers:

Design lovers will love this CMYK puzzle, which has a slightly different color on each piece to create a gradient. This fan favorite is so popular that it is regularly sold out, but it will be back in stock in the coming weeks. Trust us, it's worth it to wait.

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MC Escher's stunning visuals provide an equally challenging puzzle experience in the Mirrorkal Brainteaser puzzle. The set was developed by the puzzle designer Ivan Moscovich after meeting Escher in 1964. The set contains five different 3D puzzles, based on the sketches of the artist. "Tailored with sloping mirrors, this puzzle is a pleasure to work with and exhibit on the coffee table so guests can admire it," promises the product description.

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Bring Westeros and Essos live with this Game of Thrones -twisted puzzle from 4D Cityscape. The 540 slightly curved parts form a globe, which with the included exhibition stand is the perfect complement to any fan house. It's available in 3 inch, 6 inch, and 9 inch sizes, but as a jigsaw fanatic, of course, we recommend that you get the largest version.

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Couple together happy little trees with this puzzle, inspired by one of Bob Ross' famous landscape paintings. The 500-piece puzzle gives you time to relax without having to break the brushes. Just try to be as calm as Ross himself when you come across happy little accidents.

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Show your love of the arts with this 500-piece pop art puzzle. At just 18 by 18 inches, it's meant for people who do not have a lot of room to work in their home – maybe because their coffee table is already filled with art books.

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White Mountain Puzzles – 24×30 inch pencil collage offers a real challenge in the form of an image of dozens of different pencils in different sizes, colors and conditions. According to White Mountain, "this incredible collection of promotional pens was created by artist Maureen Rupprecht, who literally stuck hundreds of pens in a frame – talk about a challenge!"

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The Infinite Galaxy Puzzle offers the ultimate puzzle experience: a puzzle you can never really finish. It contains a NASA image of the galactic center of the Milky Way galaxy, has no fixed shape or edges, and the parts are double sided so the user can rotate and reorder them in any configuration. "Topologically, the Infinite Galaxy Puzzle is a miniature bottle, an impossible 3D shape that makes the inside and outside mathematically indistinguishable," write the creators. "Just as a Mobius stripe has only one surface, the puzzle does not go up or down, so you can start the puzzle from any page, which makes it particularly challenging." There are currently two versions of the puzzle in which You can work if you're tired of the endless possibilities of the original puzzle and need another never-ending challenge. [19659004] Get at Nervous System for $ 120.

Working on a massive puzzle can take days, and you can not always leave your unfinished work in the same place. Whether you need your table for non-puzzles If you want to take your partially completed puzzle on the road or take it with you, the Ravensburg puzzle experts have their backs. With the company's Giant Stow & Go system, you can safely roll up and transport unfinished as well as finished jigsaw puzzles so you do not undo your hard work.

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